Google Launches New Android App Development Course for $150 Per Month

Google Launches New Android App Development Course for $150 Per Month

You can look at the website of any local college and find app development courses.

However, today I’m here to tell you about a unique kind of app development course.

Unlike any other app development course in the world, this one is offered by Google. Google’s new course is available for $150 per month and is designed to help anyone think like an Android app developer.

The course is being offered through Udacity and is titled Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals.

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The course includes videos, code files, and plenty of downloadable resources.

You can view a few videos from the course here, although you’ll need to start paying the fee to unlock the entire course.

In the introductory video, Google’s teachers say that they’re not here to walk you through Java or hold your hand as you learn every API.

Instead, they want to teach you how to make real, usable apps that improve the Android community.

To start the course, you need to download Android Studio, which is Google’s new Android app development software.

For years, Android has had a reputation as an unfriendly place for app developers. Google is investing a lot of time, effort, and money into fixing that reputation.

Unfortunately, the paid course is currently full. You can sign up to receive a notification when more spots open up. There’s a 2 week free trial for the course as well, so if the $150 fee is scaring you away, consider giving the free trial a try.

While you’re waiting for the course to open up, you can check out the course’s “textbook” at the Udacity website.

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