Why Hiring Android App Developers at $15/hour is Becoming the Norm

Why Hiring Android App Developers at $15/hour is Becoming the Norm

There is no disputing the growth of the Android platform and its influence is all pervading. The sales of smart phones running on Android have zoomed exponentially in the last 2-3 years. People are using it to better their personal and business lives and to become more productive as well as efficient. The numerous apps on this platform have made it possible for users to organize stuff effectively.

But this was not always the case when Google started off with its vision of providing this platform for mobile phones. There were teething problems. However Google had smart business sense to gauge the potential of this platform and started working with creative developers across the world to arm it with some of the most wonderful and utility driven apps that we know of and enjoy today. It also collaborated with handset makers to make sure the equipment could support the running of the platform and the various apps so as to function smoothly.

The question is how have they been able to afford this?

Google reached out to smart, innovative and creative developers and hired them at per hour rates. This strategy of giving the developers a clear objective of what they must come up with within a particular time frame proved to be cost effective. Google also hired app developers from countries like India and paid them by the hour. The developers responded by providing them with the required apps within the period stipulated and got their due rewards.

It was a win-win situation for both Google and the developers. Google saved on enormous costs they would have paid otherwise to local developers. They also saved on establishment costs as the developers worked out of their own premises in India and other countries. Google could get the output they sought as countries like India have been at the forefront and first choice for services and technology outsourcing.

The developers in India know about mobile apps creation and were able to provide the quality desired by Google. These developers were tuned into the requirements for these apps and thought from a consumer’s perspective about the apps which would be useful to have in daily life. They were able to therefore come up with many utility apps that have now become so popular in the Android phones.

The apps developers working at $15/hour have sufficient experience of having worked on such development projects for other companies. They are proficient in English, understand what is required and are available on Skype or video conference at any time, thanks to a well established communication network. You can quickly get doubts sorted out and save precious time.

Outsourcing app development is the way to go

There is no longer any doubt about the merits of outsourcing apps development. As long as you are clear about your needs and reward developers for their effort on time, there is no dearth of creative developers who can come up with wonderful apps that consumers will be using tomorrow.

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