Android 4.4.1 Update Significantly Improves Nexus 5 Camera

Android 4.4.1 Update Significantly Improves Nexus 5 Camera

Usually, people don’t bat their eye when a piece of software goes from ‘4.4’ to ‘4.4.1’.

That ‘.1’ added to the end usually means that the update fixes minor bugs and glitches. But when Android 4.4.1 rolls out later this week, it will bring some noticeable improvements to our favorite mobile operating system.

Specifically, Android 4.4.1 will improve Android’s camera in a number of different ways. The Verge, which apparently has some inside info about the update and has already “had a day with the software”, claims that Android 4.4.1 will bring about the following changes:

android 4-4-1 update camera

-Shutter time has been greatly reduced, which means sharper photos and a reduced chance of blur

-Increased framerate inside the camera app

-Improved focusing speed

-Faster camera app launch speed

-Better performance in low-light conditions

-Camera doesn’t refocus again after you take a picture, which means you can get a number of crisp and clear photos at a time

-Photos “are a little more contrasted…with slightly more vibrant colors”

-A progress bar has been added to the HDR+ mode which will show you how long it takes to add the post-processing effects to your photos

Android 4.4.1 will reportedly roll out in a matter of days, so look for the OTA update to appear on your handset in the very near future. In the meantime, you can look at the photos in this article (courtesy of The Verge), which show the difference between pictures taken on the Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 and Android 4.4.1

android 4-4-1 update camera 1

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