Find a Way to Spiritual Peace with Naturespace Meditation

Find a Way to Spiritual Peace with Naturespace Meditation

The Holographic Audio Theatre, LLC have recently come up with its own premier app in the form of an Android app for meditation. Rejuvenating oneself truly through the power of the mind and connecting the cerebral cortex to the rest of the body making for oneness in thinking is a feeling one can achieve only by insulating the mind from outer distractions and introspecting on our karma.

Though reading about it can teach you to how to go about the process, it is only once you actually follow it through that you begin to truly cherish the feeling of absolute bliss. Yes, your Android device is now not just a stylish communication device, but also a messenger of peace that can help you meditate with laser focus thanks to the Naturespace meditation app.

The crux of the Naturespace meditation app for Android is using the headphones while you meditate because the app has been particularly designed for a surround sound experience that truly occupies the mind and cuts out all the distractions around us to give our spirit an elevated feel.

The recordings have been optimised for 3D style of music encompassing the most beautiful places on earth that will make you relax and rejuvenate.

With 6 free sounds, you can enjoy the Naturespace meditation app with no ads in the middle for you to be troubled by them. The sounds range from:naturespace 1

  • Day break sound birds
  • Summer Mountain Valley
  • Infinite Shoreline
  • River wind dreaming
  • Night at lake unknown
  • Rain into water.

These sounds are designed for a 360 degrees holographic experience. Yes, this means that Naturespace utilizes binaural sound technology to deliver its peaceful exercise routine for your mind. With the complete feeling of being there, which is what the app wants you to feel, it accurately depicts sounds from all dimensions.

The objective of the Naturespace Android app is to cultivate a true positive state of mind with sonic accuracy of natural sounds that feel so real and calming that if you close your eyes, you feel like the blissful wonders of nature are all unfolding around you.

This is one of the major reasons why it is highly recommended that this Android app is used with a good pair of headphones.

naturespace 2The interface of the app is easy to use and almost self-explanatory with the different tracks present in a straight line to the top of your screen and the track name at the bottom end.

It also has a picture theta truly depicts the kind of music you are in for when you sit down to close your eyes and feel the nature and its beauty around you.

The volume control as well is available at the bottom on the screen itself which saves you the hassle of using the controls on the device.

You can also locate the “Get More Of Nature Space” option at the top right that will take utilize your device’s available internet connection to give you more from the world of relaxation and peace of mind.

In each of the 6 kinds of music tracks, the Naturespace meditation app will tell you what to do and what kind of sounds to focus on in order to get the greatest feel of the 3D sounds on your head phones.

For example – “Focus on the height of the wind in the trees in contrast to the height of the water flow as you examine the path ways of the water.”

So that’s the Naturespace meditation app for you. 6 free sounds to open up your mind and unite it with your body.

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