How to Add Booming Bass to Android

How to Add Booming Bass to Android

Even the world’s best smartphones have poor external speakers. They sound tinny and flat and they lack any type of bass.

Fortunately, there is a way to add strong bass notes to your Android phone or tablet. It won’t turn your phone into a 12 inch subwoofer, but it will help you squeeze every ounce of bass-note-producing capabilities from your device.

This tip works particularly well if you have headphones attached, although it can also improve the bass of your built-in external speakers.

Step 1) Download a free app called Music Volume EQ

Step 2) Start playing a song that should have good bass

Step 3) While the song is playing, open the Music Volume EQ app. The app will appear on your screen like a floating widget.

Step 4) You’ll see a volume control slider as well as an audio visualizer. At the bottom of the app you’ll see the EQ button. Tap that.

Step 5) There are about a dozen different equalizer settings. You should choose the equalizer setting that corresponds to the music you’re playing – or the genre of music you like to listen to. If you want heavy bass sounds, then I find the “Hip Hop” equalizer works particularly well.

Obviously, this tip works best if you have headphones plugged into your Android. However, it can often add a noticeable boost to your external speaker as well.

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A Word of Warning

If you come across other Android articles that promise to turn your Android into a bass-producing machine, then be careful: there’s no magical piece of software that will create floor-thumping bass notes over your phone’s speakers.

Your phone’s hardware has fixed limits. And those fixed limits do not include a built-in subwoofer. Don’t fall for software that promises otherwise.

The only real way to produce bass notes on your Android is to connect it to a good pair of headphones or speakers. The app mentioned above is an effective short-term solution but it’s not going to rattle your floors anytime soon unless you have a good set of speakers attached to your device.

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