Perfect Piano – The Essential App for Piano Students

Perfect Piano – The Essential App for Piano Students

An app developed by a studio named Revontulet, Perfect Piano is basically aimed at teaching aspiring pianists by providing realistic sounds in a virtual learning environment. This nifty Android app simulates the art of playing a piano and just like any other authentic simulation app, this also provides real time feedback.

A Brief About the Features


The developers have decided to name the app as ‘Perfect Piano’ and that is a bold step – Reason being, the moment the word perfect is seen or heard, the expectations of the crowd in anticipation goes sky high. The nomenclature becomes an obligation for the app to perform fine. Now let us have a look at the characteristic features of the app:

  • It supports the full keyboard, replicating that of a real piano.
  • It features multiple modes of gameplay – Single row mode, Dual row mode & Two player mode. And has multiple touch points.
  • The width of the keys can be adjusted based on user preference and there are six different types of keyboard programs – Grand Piano, Bright Piano, Music Box, Organ, Rhodes, Synth.
  • It supports Record and Playback, MIDI and Audio.
  • It detects touch pressures.
  • We can set the recorded files as ringtone.
  • It supports external MIDI keyboard via USB.

The app is pretty simple in terms of the user interface and the simulation is effectively executed through it. The features are well composed but it might not attract the regular music enthusiast in any case. It is more of a beginner app that guides and directs a newbie or Piano aspirant towards the right way.

Critic’s View

As mentioned before, the name of the app is a paramount factor in deciding the final verdict. The question here is does it live up to its name? Is it picture perfect or is it just another ‘all talk and no action’ app which will most likely be deleted just after download? Well, it is an effective app but it is in no way efficient and perfect. The practicality and functionality of the app is bang on for an app that comes free of cost.


The keys are impressively responsive most of the time though there were a few instances of lags. Since the screen size is restricted for the app on both tab & smartphone, it displays only one third of the overall piano keyboard. Advertisements are seen at this juncture but it fades away once you click the arrows on the top of the app – these arrows take you to lower and higher notes from the keyboard portion displayed. It is recommended to use this app in tablet to experience the full effect and fun.

Learn to Play mode is another innovative feature that enables tutorials for a novice. It has pre-loaded songs and the library is updated every week for adding newer collections. The user can browse and select the desired song from the library and learn on it.

All in all, though it is not the perfect app, Perfect Piano is one of the best music learning apps among the free ones.

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