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Refer your website visitors to us and earn a 30% commission from every successful sale.

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How does it work?


Establish trust with your customers by helping them get OneClickRoot.
We offer you a no-risk, high-reward affiliate partnership.


Sign up for our Affiliate Program by filling out a simple form. We review all applications and onboard affiliates in no time.


Share your referral link and the provided marketing assets on your website, social media, blog, and email.

Earn Money

Earn a commission when someone purchases OneClickRoot products/services (excluding support packages) using your unique affiliate link.

Why become our affiliate?

Fast & Easy Earnings

You get paid for each time someone buys a OneClickRoot product or service through your referral link. All products/services except support packages are eligible.

Professional Support

We’re here for you if you need any assistance whatsoever.

User-Friendly Interface

Track all your referral traffic, conversions, and payouts with just a few clicks.

Creative Resources

You get a full set of useful marketing materials that help you promote and earn.


Enjoy an affiliate program based on trust and measured by outcomes.


What are the benefits of becoming our affiliate?

In-House Team

Our dedicated support team of technicians that receive regular training and attend in-house workshops are here to help anytime.


We do not have any hidden fees. Transparency is cherished with all our clients and partners.


Benefit from our agile team of specialists. Cheetahs have nothing on us – we move fast but with expertise!

Security & Confidentiality

Securing confidential information is vital. We take all measures needed to protect your data; all experts have state-of-the-art antivirus programs installed, we have an NDA in place for signing, and the portal is encrypted.

Innovation & Tech

Our team of developers makes sure that we have efficient processes in place, so you can receive a fast service you’ll be more than satisfied with.

Quality Assurance

The QA department is the 3rd level of quality assurance. The root cause analysis RCA assures a continuous improvement process of the entire organization and its production.

Customer XP Leaders

We combine our know-how in the Android services industry with continuous improvement of customer relationships & service for all clients.

Multi-Channel Communication

We believe communication is key. That is why our in-house team keeps all channels open for you: email, live chat, phone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a OneClickRoot Affiliate?

Industry peers want to offer top-notch Android services to their clients while benefiting from a steady stream of income. If you’re one of them, join now.

What industries qualify for the OneClickRoot Affiliate Program?

Anybody can join our Affiliate Program. We welcome relevant industries that want to promote safe Android rooting.

How do I join the OneClickRoot Affiliate Program?

Complete the sign-up form that only takes a couple of minutes and is free of charge. Next, you receive a unique referral link that you can share as many times as you want. You just have to log in to your account and access our user-friendly dashboard to start tracking your progress and earnings.

Do I need to pay to become an OneClickRoot Affiliate?

Absolutely not. Becoming a OneClickRoot Affiliate is free, and so is using the program. No hidden fees anywhere.

How do I promote OneClickRoot?

After you sign up for the OneClickRoot Affiliate Program, you’ll receive a unique referral link you can use to promote OneClickRoot and earn a 30% commission for every sale you make (excluding support packages). You also gain access to marketing assets that you can use in your communication. As soon as you get your referral link, you’re ready to spread the word and earn money.

Where do I promote OneClickRoot?

You can promote OneClickRoot services on websites, social media, blogs, and through emails. We give you all the tools you need to maximize your profit. You use your referral link to drive traffic to any OneClickRoot page that your audience needs to see.

How long is your cookie life?

The cookie life is 45 days from the moment someone clicks on your referral link to the moment a sale is made.

How do you track conversions?

We have our Affiliate Program tracking software that tracks every conversion made through your affiliate link. There is no click lost.

How much can I earn?

You will earn a 30% commission for every successful sale of our services. Please note that support packages are not eligible for the affiliate program.

Once I’ve earned a commission, how will I get paid?

The OneClickRoot Affiliate Program pays out commissions once per month, for the referrals older than 45 days on the payment date. Please note that the minimum payable amount is $50.

How can I contact Customer Support if I have questions?

Send us your inquiry via our Contact form or send an email to [email protected] and we will make sure to answer ASAP.

Join Our Affiliate Program

Refer your website visitors to us and earn 30% from each successful sale. Become our Affiliate Partner now and watch your wallet fill up quickly & easily!