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Brick Repairs

Starting at $49.95

Safely unroot | Back to factory settings
Install software updates


Starting at $39.95

Safely unroot | Back to factory settings
Install software updates

Remove Ads From Your Device

Device No-Root Service For only $29.95

  • Certified Android Experts

  • Block unwanted ads throughout all websites and most apps

  • Boost your YouTube Android app

  • Fast, secure and easy no-root procedure

Unlimited Support Packages

Starting at $11.65

  • Certified Android Experts

  • Everything Android at One Place

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

  • Proud to Help Since 2014!

Root Your Android

Starting at $39.95

  • Successful root = you will be charged

  • No root =  you get your money back

  • No damage guarantee – Your phone is 100% safe

  • Fast, secure and easy rooting procedure

  • Set an expert appointment in 1 click

Set Up Your New Mobile Device

Device no-root service for only $29.95

  • Transfer data from old Android or iOS device

  • Sync your contacts, photos, and files

  • Install third-party apps

  • Secure new device with password or biometrics

  • Root your Android device if needed

  • Remove ads

What Customers are Saying

  • Excellent service worked with me till fixed. Highly recommend them.?

  • Their service is the best and worth every penny They will root your phone, even if it takes a tech hours of trial and error I have an obscure brand Android and they managed to root it, sure it costs and maybe you could do it yourself, but if you are not that savvy why take a chance on bricking it when One Click Root will not fail you

  • Excellent service by a competent, courteous and patient technician. I would recommend your service without hesitation.

  • Really super fast and amazing service! You guys are the best will support you all the way!!

  • Through this, I leave in public my great satisfaction to have hired One Click Root services. The whole team came together to help me and especially coach Navneet. It's a lot of work rooting in a Moto Z² Play that comes from China, but in the end, it worked out. I fearlessly recommend their service! #Keep it up

  • Wow! What service! I had a phone which took the help of a technician. It did take awhile. But he got my old Galaxy S5 rooted.. Verison does everything to prevent rooting. But with extremely professional help, it got done. I work in the computer industry; for the last 30 years. I know good tech service, and these guys do it.

  • This I believe is the 4th time I have utilized this service. Each time it has been a good experience. Just recently had a flash done by them on my Samsung 8 plus because the Software update of Oreo would not install. It took the Tech a little time, but, he was successful and did a very good job. I would recommend this place for rooting and flashing of your phone. The tech that did my flash first name John, from the Philippines, was very professional, understanding, took me through it step by step and his english skills were very commendable. This tech name John is a valuable asset to Click One Root and I hope they realize this. Thank you John you did an excellent job. Ron the one with the Samsung S8 Plus. JOB WELL DONE SIR!!!!!!!

  • dont know where to write this but this seems like as good a place as any!!!! just wanted to give MADD PROPS to BRYAN who rooted my S8PLUS.... IDE BEEN AT IT FOR 2 DAYS AND EVEN SOFT BRICKED MY PHONE .... i was able to finally bring it back to stock when i through in the towel ands paid the dough ....... and this cat came in and made it look like childs play!!!!..... my hats off to ya bud ....SERIOUSLY.....NICE WORK 🙂

  • Was looking to recover some data, I had a device that was a little more complex to root. Used this service, very professional and quick considering the complexity. Worth the money. Thanks.

  • Thank your guys for unbricking my phone and rooting it again rate is 10/10

Our Guarantee…

We guarantee your Android device will be protected throughout the rooting process. Our certified technicians can safely perform a number of different maintenance services. Whether you’re rooting, unrooting, or repairing Android, we will not damage your device or your data in any way. That is why the amount you pay is only pre-approved. If we cannot safely root your device, the money will be back in your account. You will only be charged if the root is successful.