What Customers are Saying

  • I just had these guys root my HTC ONE m7...Awesome People, Professional!!! Even directed me to web sites that have great tutorials as well on flashing. Best 30.00 bucks I've spent in a long time. Thanks OneClickRoot

  • These guy's are really supportive and motivated in helping there costumers with difficulties. Highly recommended and very well worth the price.

  • I have one of the origional AT&T Atrix phones. For about 3 years now i have been told it could not be rooted by everyone and everything i tried, and I've tried A LOT. These guys did it. it took a little bit of time but they never gave up and were extremely curteous doing it. I watched the whole thing remotely and dead end after dead end they kept going(so much so I thought they would give up...iI kmow I would have) till they got it to work. Absolutely supperb service I would recommend them to anyone.

  • I Highly recommend OneClickRoot service for all of your rooting needs. Great!! Customer Support and Reasonable Prices. So if you need your device rooted this is the way to go. THIS IS NOT SPAM...... This is really (Me) Brooks Easterling recommending this superb service!!!!!!