5 Best Valentine’s Day apps for Android that will surely come in handy

5 Best Valentine’s Day apps for Android that will surely come in handy

Love is in the air and all lovebirds around the world are excited to spend the most romantic day of the year as memorable as possible. So, are you buying chocolates this year? Flowers? Sex toys? (because, apparently, that’s a thing now). Or would you rather have a candlelit dinner with your significant other or travel the world? There is no wrong answer there.

If you’re having trouble getting things together this Valentine’s Day, here are some Android apps that may help you out, big time.


Ostensibly, whatever gift you give to girlfriend this Valentine’s Day must always be accompanied by flowers. 1-800-Flowers is the just kind of app specially designed for such occasions. The app can cater to 195 countries around the world, but you need to order in advance to have everything on time. The app has a wide selection of flower arrangements that suits your girlfriend’s taste and, of course, your budget.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

So, you plan to spend the night at your place or your partner’s place instead. They say home cooked food is more romantic than take-outs, so better gear up. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner has all the recipes you need to spice up the romantic night and add love to whatever you’re cooking. It won’t even be a problem for non-master chefs since it provides a step-by-step video guide and can even order the ingredients via the app.


If you prefer to eat outside just to erase the additional worry of buying ingredients, cooking, and washing the dishes, you can rely on the OpenTable app to find you a place. The app allows you to book a table at various restaurants. Take note though that Valentine’s Day will fill up restaurants pretty quick so if you want to snatch a good place to eat, download the app and book your reservations now.


With emotions flying around on Valentine’s Day, a perfect love song to speak your heart out may just compliment your date. iHeartRadio almost definitely has all the music station to suit your needs this day of love whether you like something upbeat, slow, fun, or romantic. It even supports Chromecast and smart screen sharing. There are other music streaming apps out there that can also provide great music, but iHeartRadio is mostly preferable during Valentine’s Day.

Kamasutra by Exotica Apps World

Dinner’s done. The dance is done. The gift has been given. What’s left to do? Well, you guessed it. The Kamasutra app does exactly what the name suggests. It contains over 100 animated positions with written instructions on how to do it. It even has a modern design, a favorite feature, and a to-do list for a quick reference to the positions you want to try. What’s even more exciting is the app is completely free. Therefore, if you’re in the mood to do something new this Valentine’s Day, then you definitely need this app. Just make sure you’ve been stretching.

Have you decided what to do yet this day of hearts? Well, good luck with whatever plans you have set for your partner. Just remember, love is more important than chocolates. But the latter is discounted on Valentine’s, so chocolates will do.

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