Achieve Your Digital Diet with QualityTime App

Achieve Your Digital Diet with QualityTime App

What is QualityTime?

With dependably on, constantly open cell phones having usurped portable workstations as our go-to gadgets of decision, the majority of us are just ever a pocket scavenge far from our most loved applications, pictures and locales. All things considered, it’s simpler than any time in recent memory to end up plainly dependent on the marvels of the virtual world.

By checking, recording and separating your cell phone utilize, QualityTime is intended to enable you to chop down the time you spend on your portable.


What’s great?

QualityTime screens your ‘computerized count calories’, following to what extent you utilize your telephone and certain applications for, and in addition the quantity of times you open your screen. You can get provides details regarding a hourly, day by day or week by week premise, and after that investigate them inside and out. For instance, you can see a timetable of what you have up to for the duration of the day, or tap a particular application to see your utilization history.

Furthermore, the exceptional ‘Enjoy a reprieve’ and ‘Booked breaks’ highlights enable QualityTime to secure your telephone amid a pre-decided timeframe. You can either set up breaks on an impromptu premise or timetable them to rehash at specific circumstances on certain days. In the event that, for example, you would prefer not to be exasperates by anything besides telephone calls while you’re grinding away, you can hinder all different applications in the vicinity of 9am and 5.30pm on weekdays.

Missed warnings from boycotted applications will end up noticeably accessible when your break’s finished. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you truly need to get to an application you’re not intended to be utilizing, QualityTime rebuffs you by constraining you to hold up no less than 30 seconds before re-establishing full usefulness to your telephone.


What’s terrible?

The application takes a touch of getting used to, chiefly because of the sheer measure of data on offer at any one time. It displays the information in as clean a way as it can, yet it’s still a great deal to take in.

The main other negative encompasses the way that QualityTime is basically an advanced variant of your mum or father sending you to the mischievous corner. Tragically, it appears that that could be the best arrangement of activity for a large number of us.



Like a cross between a mindful parent and the micromanagement-fixated supervisor from heck, QualityTime is a basic download if the greater part of your opportunity is spent gazing at a pocket-sized screen.

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