Android Smart Phone’s Bar Code Scanning Feature Enhances Customer Service

Android Smart Phone’s Bar Code Scanning Feature Enhances Customer Service

Delivery firm replaces bar code scanners with cell devices for multiplied operational effectivity and decrease whole fee of ownership.

Hermes UK is one of the biggest purchaser couriers in the United Kingdom, turning in greater than 335 million parcels each 12 months for 80% of the UK’s pinnacle one hundred retailers. The organization is presently projecting a digital transformation project with the purpose of turning in higher and extra personalized services for its customers. As part of this initiative, the agency has begun phasing out greater than 15,000 dedicated bar code scanners and changing them with clever telephones loaded with an Android app over the subsequent three years.

The new cellular bar code scanning and augmented reality (AR) technological know-how (Scandit) gives high-performance bar code scanning on smartphones for verification and proof of delivery. Couriers will be capable to scan items, document an electronic signature, verify an ID and take a photo of the place a package has been left. The new science saves time and money, streamlines the complete transport process, and presents a mobile platform for the fast roll-out of future service upgrades that in addition enhance operations and client experience.

During the migration period, couriers will additionally start using additional software features inclusive of AR overlays. This capacity couriers can scan a couple of bar codes at as soon as to search for and discover a particular item shortly and view parcel/customer statistics overlaid on the machine screen. The organization is already using AR overlays for code identification, turning in effectivity and productivity gains.

Chris Ashworth, the CIO for Hermes UK stated that a key aspect of our digital transformation strategy, acknowledged as Digital Futures, is to replace committed bar code scanners with clever telephones that provide couriers with real-time information to improve the customer experience. Also, enabling couriers to lift a clever phone no longer solely helps us to improve operational efficiency, however also improves the working lives of couriers who can now use their own phone, or a Hermes-provided phone, as a substitute than having to carry a bar code scanner.

The challenge has long past “incredibly smoothly” so far, Ashworth says. The gradual retirement of scanners and roll-out of smart telephones has ensured there is no disruption to operations. Because third-party couriers are an extension of brands, the new technology prevents delivery issues that can compromise the retailers’ purchaser relationships.

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