Breaking: Android Apps and Games Now Available on First Chrome OS Device

In May, Google confirmed that Android apps would be coming to its desktop operating system, Chrome OS. Some people thought the changes would happen instantly – but they didn’t.

Today, the very first Chrome OS device received compatibility with the Google Play Store. That device is the Asus Chromebook Flip. So if you have one, then lucky you.

Flip owners who want to play Android games can update their device to run the developer channel of Chrome OS. When you install the latest version of the OS, you’ll find that it delivers a shortcut to the Play Store onto the desktop.

From there, you install Android games just like you normally would: you open the Play Store, select your app, and download and install it.

The apps run natively and are not emulated. They run directly on Chrome OS and look like regular windowed programs.

One of the nice parts about this addition is that most Play Store apps are designed for smartphones and tablets, which means your low-powered Chromebook should have no trouble handling any app you throw at it.

“More Devices Will Follow Very Soon”

In a statement announcing the news, Google’s Francois Beaufort followed up by stating that “more devices will follow very soon.”

It’s unclear if that means, hours, days, or weeks. But I would guess by the end of June, we should see Android games and apps accessible on a good number of Chromebooks and Chrome OS devices.

We know that Android app support is officially coming to all of the following devices:

-Acer Chromebook R11


-20155 Chromebook Pixel

However, there have been reports from users that adding Play Store support hasn’t been a very smooth process.

Stay tuned to One Click Root’s Android news blog for more information about the rollout as we move forward!



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