Cytus – A Captivating Action Music Game for Android

Cytus –  A Captivating Action Music Game for Android

Cytus is primarily a music game clubbed with some action; it is developed by Rayark Inc. When we say music game, the fundamental things that come to our mind is the type of music and the gameplay delivery. Well, to our satisfaction, Cytus is top-notch in both the aspects with minimum to complain about. The graphics and artwork are visually appealing and keeps you engrossed in the game.

Story & Features


The game revolves around a Science Fiction story which is pretty much along the lines of a typical Japanese Anime. A brief summary is as follows – Robots are the last remnants of this world in a distant future but mankind isn’t dead. There are technologies that transfer memories to the robots but the memories are replaced by new ones due to lack of sufficient storage space. To avoid the memories from fading away, the robots have converted the emotions & memories to music and stored them in a place called Cytus. These music/songs are used by the robots to experience human sentiments and feel that a soul exists in each one of them.

A heart-touching storyline, this game is wonderfully executed. Some of the unmatched features that make it outstanding are –

  • It has 200+ variations of 100+ songs that include titles from world famous musicians.
  • The illustrations are attractive and follow the famous Anime art form.
  • It has a simple gaming interface with active scan line system and 3 types of notes.
  • The rhythms and beats provide sensitive and satisfying feedback for taps on the screen.
  • It is challenging and fun with more than 9 difficulty levels.
  • It also covers different musical genres.
  • A player/user can also connect to flaunt their Cytus skills.



The game delivers an ecstatic experience of music mojo during the gameplay. It is extremely engaging and addictive. There is an ‘Active Scan Line’ that moves up & down the game screen following the rhythm of the music. The player needs to tap on the note bubbles that appear on the screen, and exactly when the line crosses the note. Additionally, it also features long holds and slides to perform musical combo, thus adding variety to the overall gameplay. The scoring system is based on the hits performed and it ranges from ‘Bad’ to ‘Perfect’. A final rank is entitled on the basis of the length & perfection of the hit chain executed.

It is apparent that the gameplay is simplistic in nature but the execution is perfect and enticing. The musical range is appreciable and a player can choose from 15 songs. The song/music selection ranges from techno to j-pop and trance. Another remarkable feature is the addition social network integration.


For specific music genre lovers, the game doesn’t offer much, e.g. Metal. The notes are slightly off-track in a few songs thus causing annoyance during those songs. Besides, the hit detection is a bit inefficient in terms of differentiating between two different types of hit, i.e. good, perfect or bad.


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