Easy multi-tasking with Pintasking to just about any Android device

Easy multi-tasking with Pintasking to just about any Android device


An application for control clients, Pintasking enables you to switch between different applications effortlessly. It’s basically a swap for the ALT-TAB alternate route on Windows PCs and enables you to stick applications to the side of your screen for simple exchanging between them. It likewise adds the capacity to rapidly backpedal to the last application you were utilizing with some natural swipe controls.


What’s great about Pintasking?

Pintasking makes things to a great degree simple for those of us who utilize various applications in the meantime. Its principle highlight is the capacity to stick applications/errands/records to the side of the screen for snappy access. You do this by tapping the steady warning that shows up in your notice banish when you swipe down from the highest point of your screen. The application symbols at that point show up in coasting hovers on the correct side of the screen (you can change the size, appearance, and position of these circles with the Pro form which will cost you £2.99).

You can likewise tinker with the pins’ conduct a lot utilizing the application’s thorough settings alternatives. For instance, you can make the stuck symbol vanish when you’re in its application or have it remain set up and go about as a catch to take you back to the past application you were utilizing.

The free form of Pintasking enables you to stick two applications, while the Pro form will enable you to stick a boundless number. The designers have likewise made it as simple to dispose of the stuck applications as it is to include them. Simply drag them into the focal point of the screen and after that down to the “junk” symbol.


Pintasking Screenshot

Everything works consistently and it appears the engineers have thought of everything. The settings menu enables you to change any angle you can consider, giving you the inclination that Pintasking experienced broad testing before it was discharged.

They’ve likewise made it with the goal that you can turn swiping on, which enables you to stick applications and switch between the present errand and your past one by just swiping down from the highest point of your screen. What’s more, don’t stress, you can modify the amount of the highest point of the screen responds to swiping so it won’t meddle with you endeavoring to raise the warnings bar. It truly seems like the designers have thought of everything.


What’s terrible?

Not a considerable measure. The sheer measure of settings (the vast majority of which just accompany the Pro form) imply that any disturbances you’re probably going to experience have been pre-empted. The free form clears your stuck applications when you kill the screen, which can be somewhat irritating, however the Pro form is more than worth the £2.99 cost.

It can likewise feel a bit of overpowering when you initially open the settings menu yet there are clarifications appended to most settings which will manage you through the way toward redoing the application’s execution. Other than that, this thing truly works well.


Final Say

Pintasking joins straightforwardness with profundity. It is easy to utilize while furnishing you with genuinely broad customization alternatives. On the off chance that you routinely utilize different applications on your tablet or telephone, at that point Pintasking is an incredible approach to streamline your work.

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