Facebook: Still the Most Used Social Media App Amidst the Scandal

Facebook: Still the Most Used Social Media App Amidst the Scandal

Facebook is currently facing many lawsuits due to its several violations regarding data privacy. Just very recently, a news broke out that Facebook secretly shared millions of user profiles and information to Cambridge Analytica for political agendas. From 50 million, the number of profile shared has already reached 87 million which is an alarming population.

Two weeks ago, three people also sued Facebook upon discovering that Facebook has been monitoring and keeping logs on their private conversation. Arguments arise that setting our profile in private is useless because Facebook has the power to do anything with it anyway.

However, people still seem to ignore the controversy and continue to use Facebook every day. In fact, Facebook is one of the most used Social Media Apps out there and its population is still growing.

Facebook, on the other hand, have to do something about the problem. It will only be a matter of time before people start leaving. These loyal users must be rewarded with dignity, and these lawsuits have forced Facebook to make changes in their system and management. Here are some of the changes we can expect from Facebook:

  1. Apps using the Events API won’t be able to access guest lists or posts shared on the event wall. In the future, only apps that agree to Facebook’s new “strict requirements” will be able to use it at all.
  2. Third-party apps that use the Groups API must first get approval from Facebook and the group admin. Approved apps won’t be able to access names or profile photos that are attached to posts/comments.
  3. Facebook must approve any app that requests access to its Pages API.
  4. “Strict requirements” are in place for apps that use Facebook Login and they won’t be able to gather info on political/religious views, relationship status, education, etc.
  5. The Instagram Platform API is being depreciated.
  6. Searching profiles using email or phone number is no longer allowed.
  7. All call and text messages logs on Android will be deleted in one year.
  8. The Partner Categories feature is being shut-down.
  9. Facebook will show a link at the top of the Newsfeed that lists all the apps you use and what information is shared with them.

Additionally, Facebook will also make changes regarding the fake news issue. They added a new tool to each article to help report the fake news. An ‘i’ icon will be appearing at the lower right corner of the featured image of every article that will help users to report fake news content and for Facebook to delete them.

With all these updated security settings Facebook made to improve their service and protect our data, it is best that every user personally knows how to handle the information he shows in social media. This includes not sharing your credit card number, phone number, or any sensitive information. Plus, it is wise to avoid shopping on social media.

So, if you are one of those Facebook loyalists, then make sure to tell your friends that there is nothing to worry about for the time being. All is still well with our most favorite social media.

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