Get an Inside Look at Android Performance with Device Monitor & Inspector

Get an Inside Look at Android Performance with Device Monitor & Inspector

Are you an Android power user? Do you get a thrill out of squeezing extra ounces of performance out of your devices?

If so, then you’ll like Device Monitor & Inspector, a new app created by a member of the XDA Developers Forum. Device Monitor & Inspector lets you peek into your Android’s performance details and learn critical information about your smartphone or tablet.

Basically, this is a system monitoring app that lets you view system metrics that you would not normally be able to view. Those system metrics include:

-CPU utilization

-Active running processessystem monitor 2



-Battery stats

-Installed apps

-Connected networks


-Sensor information

-IP address

-Device model, manufacturer, version number, brand

-And much more

As you probably know, you can view most of these stats from various parts of your Android device. But the best part of Device Monitor & Inspector is that it combines all of these stats into one simple UI. That’s a huge advantage for Android power users or for anyone who enjoys fast performance on their smartphone or tablet.

The full list of stats available to view with this app is huge. When I say Device Monitor & Inspector tells you everything you need to know about your Android device, I mean it. Whether you’re looking for information about battery usage or checking the minimum delay between sensor events, this is the app you need.

Device Monitor & Inspector was created by zikkap and the original app thread can be found here. You can also download the app for free from the Google Play Store here.

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