Get Better in Saving and Budgeting with Expense IQ Money Manager

What you need to know about Expense IQ Money Manager?

This application, from engineer Handy Apps, tries to make dealing with your costs and individual fund simple. With a perfect design and a few helpful highlights, Expense IQ will make them design spending plans and remaining over your investing in no energy.


What’s great?

Right off the bat, Handy Apps has utilized Material Design rules for the format, so everything feels commonplace and neatly actualized. The principle menu slides in from the left and is the place you’ll get to the different areas. Each area is plainly stamped, which is useful in an application that could without much of a stretch end up noticeably befuddling, what with all the money related data and different highlights

So shouldn’t something be said about those highlights? Cost IQ’s principal parts are the cost director and spending chief. The previous enables you to rapidly enter any costs you bring about during your time by tapping the little in addition to the image in the base right of the Overview screen – the default screen that shows up when the application opens.

You should simply set up your record data, which includes essentially telling the application the amount you have in the bank and the amount you have in real money. Any costs you enter are then removed the aggregate sum.


Cost IQ

The Smart Overview page makes it simple to perceive the amount you have left altogether when you burned through cash, the amount you spent, and additionally any bills which are expected. It’s additionally populated with accommodating diagrams and perceptions of your spending.

For those that need to adhere to a budgetary arrangement, the application enables you to set a financial plan for particular classifications. Let’s assume you need to just burn through £200 on diversion, you can set that sum as a financial plan for the stimulation classification, at that point at whatever point you enter a sum for excitement cost, as long as you order it, the cash will be removed your financial plan for amusement and the aggregate in your record.

It’s all extremely instinctive and takes minutes to get the hang of. Different highlights incorporate bill updates, which enables you to effectively set alarms for when bills are expected, the capacity to reinforcement and re-establish disconnected, a home screen gadget, the capacity to store photographs of your bills and receipts and join them to particular costs, and significantly more.


What’s awful?

While the interface is, by and large, simple to get to holds with, I discovered it took a couple of minutes to make sense of including costs and setting up accounts. It’s not a noteworthy disadvantage, as there’s more going ahead here than with different applications that fret about less confused undertakings than dealing with your whole funds. Be that as it may, you may discover it takes a short time to get the hang of things at first.

What’s more, as most applications nowadays, Expense IQ additionally has a Premium form which will cost you. Going Premium expenses £1.41 every month or you can pay an unusually particular cost of £41.06 for a lifetime membership. Agreeing to accept Premium evacuates advertisements, gets you boundless records and spending plans, multi-cash exchanges, cloud adjusting, and a large group of additional highlights. While the application is surely justified regardless of a look, just those sufficiently genuine about monitoring their use will need to pay the month to month charge.



A first-rate and exhaustive application, Expense IQ is an easy decision for those keen on a portable cash administration arrangement.


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