Gmail 4.2 released – but only on rooted Android devices

Gmail 4.2 released – but only on rooted Android devices

Gmail 4.2 was recently leaked to the Android community. However, that release is only available to those who own rooted Android devices. Gmail 4.2 has a few new features that make it more usable.

Here are the two major upgrades in Gmail 4.2:

-Pinch to zoom now available inside emails (why did this take so long?)

-Swipe to delete or archive emails (no longer have to check the box beside the email and manually delete it)

If you haven’t rooted your Android yet, then what are you waiting for? Rooting Android comes with a number of cool benefits, all of which can be found here. One click Root also makes rooting Android as easy as possible – no messing around with installation files or putting your expensive device at risk.

If you already have a rooted Android device, then keep reading to discover how to install Gmail 4.2 on it.

Step by step guide to installing Gmail 4.2 on your rooted Android

Step 1) Download the Gmail 4.2 apk file here. Choose your device’s internal storage when asked where you want to save the file.

Step 2) Backup your rooted Android

Step 3) Uninstall previous versions of the Gmail app and delete the Gmail files in /system/app and /data/app

Step 4) Restart your device to complete the uninstallation process for previous versions of Gmail

Step 5) Use a file explorer app to run the Gmail2.apk file. Or, open a command box and type adb install Gmail2.apk

Step 6) Congrats! Gmail 4.2 has now been installed on your device



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