Google Fit App Now Available For Android Devices

Google Fit App Now Available For Android Devices

Google with its launch of the Google Fit has sought to match the Apple app on health and fitness, which makes use of the HealthKit platform. The name Google Fit is the same as  the name for its health platform and provides APIs for developers as well as manufacturers to come up with apps and other devices which can fully leverage upon the data collected on board the device.

Compatible With Most Android Devices

One great advantage of this app is its compatibility. It can be installed on any device running the Android 4.0 and better versions. Considering most of the Android smart phones today run on Android versions 4.0 and above, this health app can be utilized by many Android smart phone users. All they have to do is visit the Google Play Store to download it.

How Will It Function?

The app functions by linking or making use of the Google account as the central dashboard. Through this the fitness activities of the user would be tracked. The sensors on the smart phone will measure the steps covered by the user, keep track of weight history, the calories burned during activity and other such health related information. Users would be able to add other vigorous activities like running, cycling to be able to set specific goals. As of now though, Google has not said which of the sensors would be required to support these activities.

The positive aspect of this app is other third party gadgets as well as apps would be able to link up to Google Fit. Android smart wear users would be happy to know that the app supports smart wear as well and they would be able to track their progress through the Google account on the internet.

Full Version Released

The full version – Google Fit SDK was released by Google on Android, the web and on Android Wear. The app was made available for a preview in August after which developers built fitness and health apps to suit the platform. Google at that time also released three APIs – Recording, History and Sensor to make sure they conform to developer needs.

Google has said it would tie up with firms like Adidas, Runkeeper, Nike in the sports niche as well as with brands like HTC, Motorola, LG and Asus in the mobile handset category to promote Google Fit. At the moment, the app is able to monitor only walking on its own though you can manually enter details of other workouts you wish to be tracked in terms of heart rate, calories burned and so on. The app has been designed to be as simple and user friendly as possible.

It is very much likely that Google will further fine tune the app to make it even more user friendly on the latest Android platform – the Android L that got launched a couple of weeks back.

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