Google Fit Released Onto Play Store

Google Fit Released Onto Play Store

The day has finally come: Google has released Google Fit onto the Play Store.

Google Fit is designed for Android Wear devices but it can also be used with any normal Android device. With Google Fit, you can monitor a number of health-related metrics.

The app fully incorporates Google’s new Material Design UI aesthetics. It actually ends up looking a bit like the iPhone’s new HealthKit/Health app.

In terms of features, HealthKit and Google Fit are virtually identical. Here’s what you can do with Google Fit:

-Monitor your walking, running, and cycling activity using your phone or an Android Wear device

-Set daily goals for steps taken, time spent exercising, or movement activities

-Receive performance-based recommendations for activity goals

-View comprehensive data about your overall fitness and activity in one place

Want to see how much time you spent walking versus running this week? Google Fit can tell you that. Want some motivation to actually cycle for 60 minutes each day? Google Fit will keep track of your fitness goals and milestones.

google fit 2

You can also add information like your heart rate and weight to the app to make it more accurate.

If you’re an Android Wear user, this is a must-download app. If you’re not an Android Wear user and you spend a lot of time walking around, then Google Fit is also probably worth a download.

You can download Google Fit today for free from the Google Play Store.

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