Have Trouble Waking Up in the Morning? Try Tilt Alarm

Have Trouble Waking Up in the Morning? Try Tilt Alarm

Nobody likes waking up early. Some people hate waking up early so much that they sleep through school, work, important appointments, and even the entire morning.

I’ve dealt with my fair share of problems waking up in the morning. That’s why I appreciate a new alarm app called Tilt Alarm. But beware: this app might become your worst nightmare.

Tilt Alarm is designed for people who turn off their alarms and go back to sleep before they can truly wake up. It forces you to hold your phone at a 90 degree vertical angle for approximately 30 seconds before the alarm turns off.

tilt alarm 1

Annoying? Absolutely. Effective? Yup.

As you hold your phone at its vertical angle, the alarm gradually gets quieter. If you fall asleep during this period and drop your arm, the Tilt Alarm will spring back into action and loudly warn you that it really is time to wake up.

The default “Tilt Time” is 30 seconds, although users can set that tilt time longer or shorter based on how long it usually takes for them to wake up.

Users can also choose their preferred ringtone or set a song as their wake up alarm. Tilt Alarm works particularly well with songs because you have a little extra motivation to hold your phone straight: instead of listening to annoying bleeting alarm for 30 seconds, you can play the catchiest part of your favorite song.

Anyways, if you have trouble waking up in the morning as much as I do, you’ll find it easy to appreciate Tilt Alarm. You can download Tilt Alarm for free here or pay $0.99 for the ad-free premium version here.

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