How to Use an App Finder Called Appreciate to Find Awesome New Android Apps

How to Use an App Finder Called Appreciate to Find Awesome New Android Apps

There are hundreds of different ways to find new Android apps. You can ask friends, look for the most popular games on the Google Play Store, or check our very own One Click Root blog.

But I recently found an even easier way to find new Android apps. It’s called Appreciate, and it’s my new favorite Android app finding service.

Here’s how it works:


Step 1) Download Appreciate for free from the Google Play Store

Step 2) Open the app and browse through the daily recommendations

Step 3) The daily recommendations are vague at first, but after signing in with Facebook, you’ll be able to see a more personalized stream of apps – including any apps that your friends have currently installed.

Step 4) Click on an app to learn more about it, including how popular that app is in your country and among your circle of friends

Step 5) If you like the idea of that app but want something slightly different, then you’ll also find a list of ‘similar apps’ from the app description screen. Tap that to open up new app profile windows.

Step 6) Don’t hold back! Install all the apps you want. It’s a great way to load up your phone before you go traveling or head out on a road trip.

Step 7) If you don’t want to browse through app recommendations, you can also search for specific apps using Appreciate’s search engine.

Why it works


Appreciate was designed by two mobile software professionals named Amir Maor and Yaron Segalov, both of whom have years of experience in the industry. Although this version of Appreciate was only recently released onto the app store, earlier prototypes of the app have been released steadily over the last couple years, and apparently, they were all very popular (the first version reportedly had about half a million installs).

Anyways, Maor and Segalov have analyzed all the important qualities about specific apps, including its popularity in certain countries, where it was developed, and its popularity among social media users. By balancing all of these qualities and analyzing user preferences, Appreciate is able to recommend apps that – in most cases – you will actually like.

Appreciate’s interface is easy to…appreciate.  It is colorful and brainless to navigate – two qualities that I certainly enjoy in my Android apps. All the information you need is right in front of you or can be accessed with a simple tap or slide.

Why you should use it

-It’s free

-It’s a great way to find new apps

-You can see which apps your friends are using

-You can check back regularly to get new app ideas

-Everything you need to install new apps is available within one simple interface

Check out Appreciate today at the Google Play Store

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