Is Textra the best third-party SMS app in the Play Store?

A standout amongst the most vital parts of Android is customization. I cherish the way that I can supplant any application with an option from the Play Store that better lives up to my desires. One of the primary applications I introduce is Textra. Textra is an SMS and MMS application that replaces the stock informing application, and keeping in mind that there are numerous applications out there that offer an indistinguishable essential capacity from Textra, I trust Textra takes the cake. Here’s the reason.

Key Features

Textra, in the same way as other informing applications, is based on a rundown of strung discussions. Where Textra varies from others is the capacity to swipe the discussions left or appropriate for more activities. A swipe to one side will uncover a junk symbol to erase the string and a swipe to the privilege uncovers a telephone symbol to empower you to make a call straight from the discussion list. The designs look awesome and the combination is extraordinary.

Inside your discussion is the place Textra turns out to be extremely powerful. Tapping the contact picture in the upper right corner opens up their contact card with alternatives to make a call or go into their contact section in your telephone directory.

Tapping the addition to sign over the console opens up a huge amount of alternatives. Here you can choose an emoticon, take a photo specifically from the application, peruse through your exhibition to pick a photo to send to your companion, time postpone a message, share a contact card, or discover a gif to send to a companion. Truth is stranger than fiction, Textra bolsters the finding and sending of gifs through giphy.

The capacity to plan an instant message to go out at a particular time is super helpful. Regardless of whether you need to be the first to wish a companion glad birthday at 12:01 on their exceptional day, or you would prefer not to chance awakening somebody with an early morning content, message planning expels the human blunder associated with making sure to get back in your SMS application to convey imperative information. I utilize this element a couple of times each week and it’s constantly dependable.

Snappy Reply is heated into the usefulness of Textra. When you have another content warning, tapping the ready will open up a brisk answer incite that demonstrates to you a little bit of your discussion and the full console. I for one cherish this element since it gives me a chance to remain on the inside the application I’m in and answer to a message effortlessly. We’ll need to check whether this element advances in Android N as Google is presenting brisk answers from inside the warning shade.


Textra gives you truly capable customization apparatuses for a messaging application. In the customization window you’ll discover choices for foundation shading (light, dull and dark), a huge amount of subject hues that control the shade of the best bar and emphasize shading, bubble hues inside the discussion window, and application symbol shading. I ran with a truly stock look since I truly adore what Textra looks like out of the crate. The dim foundation with blue and green accents truly looks awesome on an AMOLED screen.

Inside the application, Textra, of course substitutes its own particular textual style for the framework text style, however you can to transform it to the framework default. I’ve abandoned it on the Textra textual style since I like what it would appear that, yet those of you who are into choosing your own framework text style will need to look at that alternative. The application likewise gives you a chance to benefit as much as possible from your space by giving you a sliding bar to decide how enormous you need your content. Indeed, even my mom, who declines to concede she’s hard of seeing, could read content with more or less huge Textra.

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