Klout Now Available on Android to Recommend Best Sharable Links

Klout Now Available on Android to Recommend Best Sharable Links

Klout is one way to measure your impact on social media.

You can view your ‘Klout Score’ to see how well you’re engaging with social media and how much you influence the social media world around you. Previously, you’ve been able to access Klout over your internet browser as well as an iPhone app.

Today, however, Klout released its Android app which is designed to maximize the way you use social media while recommending the best sharable content. Here are the features of the Klout Android app:

-View your Klout score

-Sign into Klout with your Twitter or Facebook login info

-Scroll through a list of stories separated by labels like ‘On Target’ and ‘Hidden Gem’ to identify stories that will really resonate with your social media audience

-Select tips and discover fresh, trending content that your followers will want to read

-Automatically post to Twitter and Facebook

-Schedule future posts for maximum impact with your audience

Klout introduced itself to Android with a very short video. That video is just 18 seconds long and is plain and boring but descriptive:

Basically, Klout lets you post cool stuff to Facebook and Twitter. That’s all you really need to know about it. You can download Klout for free from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.klout.android.moose

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