Major Mayhem – Give Your Itchy Trigger Finger Some Relief

Major Mayhem – Give Your Itchy Trigger Finger Some Relief

If you like blowing up things and shooting Ninjas, Major Mayhem is the game for you. With its pop-art-like gameplay, action packed levels and a decent underlying storyline, Adult Swim Games definitely delivers all the goods!

The game starts off with the macho Major Mayhem being called in by the President to complete a mission. The background story revolves around the Major’s girlfriend being kidnapped, of course. So, the game involves the Major going through 45 different levels of obliterating Ninjas, Mummies and the likes of it, even evil Dogs, all to save her.

Major Mayhem is a pretty simple game. You dodge the deathly shots and kill all the enemies. Get to the chopper to complete the level. If your intention is just to finish off all the levels, you will complete the game quite easily. However, the fun lies in hitting those combos and multipliers to get you as many ‘Mayhem Points’ as possible, so that you can earn those 3 prestigious stars for each level.

He runs through different side-scrolling environments till he reaches cover. Then, he pops out to shoot the ninjas. With extremely easy controls – Just tap on the Ninja to shoot (remember, there are extra points if you get a Headshot!) the challenge lies in the Ninjas & other enemies constantly move to take cover.

In Major Mayhem, clothing (such as hats) count as armour. So, the superior enemies wear hats, so you’ll usually need to hit them twice. Most of the time, you have to shoot your enemies while stationary. However, there are some points in the game where you will have to ‘Run n Gun’ your enemies. What makes the game interesting is that Adult Swim Games randomly throw in a hostage or two in each level. Shoot the hostages and you miss out on some points. Save the hostages and you get a boost in coins, xp as well as can trigger some power-ups! PS – if you happen to lose some armour/clothes along the way, saving hostages can give you their armour too!
The game also has a few gaming modes. There is the Classic Mode, where you do everything the normal way.
Arcade Mode – This will give you a random mission to finish.
Time Bomb – You have to deal as much damage and create as much mayhem as you can in 60 seconds.
Survival – Try to play through a whole campaign without dying.

There are 45 levels to Major Mayhem
However, here are mini-missions, objectives and achievements throughout the game. Completing the mini-missions, help you earn rewards and power-ups for better gameplay. Not to mention, there’s an epic boss battle at the end.

Weapons & In-App Purchases
Major Mayhem offers over 20 different weapons you can use, all having different advantages and disadvantages. You can unlock these weapons at different stages or Purchase them by buying Coins using the in-app purchases.
In addition, you can also buy armour & dress up the lovely Major in whichever style you like – Beach boy, Robocop, 007, etc.
Power-ups like Super Bullets, Slow-motion, etc. can also be purchased.

So stack up your weapons and get ready to rumble by downloading Major Mayhem from Google Play Store for free!

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