PUBG Mobile and Facebook Messenger latest updates – new season, white is the new black

PUBG Mobile and Facebook Messenger latest updates – new season, white is the new black

Here comes our update tracker again and this week we get news from two of the most used apps on Google Play – Facebook Messenger and PUBG Mobile.

Developers have a nice way to kick off 2019 for all its users. Without further ado, here are the recent updates of our favorite apps.

PUBG Mobile – Royale Pass Season 5

PUBG Mobile announces a new season, technically known as version 0.10.5 or Royale Pass Season 5. The new season will focus on two differing play styles namely Shadow and Force. Shadow is for the sneaky type who loves to use stealth to take advantage such as snipers and camouflage, while Force is the all-out war freak who prefer head-to-head combat with assault rifles and grenades.

Here are the complete patch notes for PUBG Mobile 0.10.5:

  • Added MK47, which can be found in Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. It fires 7.62mm rounds and has two firing modes.
  • Added Laser Sight, a lower-rail attachment that reduces spread when firing from the hip. Can be found in all maps.
  • Vikendi is now available as a map when creating rooms.
  • The “Classic” voice is back. You can find it in Settings after the update.
  • Spawn Island announcements can now be enabled or disabled in Settings.
  • Royale Pass Season 5 is here! Premium outfits and taunting emotes are available as rewards. There will also be server-wide Pass upgrade events.
  • Ranked Mode Season 5 is also here. Tiers are adjusted and new rewards are added.
  • Vikendi’s resource refresh (type and quantity) has been tuned.
  • Model for Swimmer Sandals has been updated.
  • Share for Deals is back after some tuning.
  • Clan benefit sharing has been tuned.
  • Avatar display of Crew Challenge winner has been adjusted.
  • Shop has been adjusted.
  • Supplies can now be accessed from the main menu.

You may now start picking your side with the hashtags #pubgmobileteamshadow or #pubgmobileteamforce on Twitter.

Facebook Messenger 4 – White is the new black

If you haven’t noticed, Facebook Messenger has a new and, well, “cleaner” look. While developers are looking to include a Dark Mode theme for their apps, our favorite Messenger is looking at the other way.

Everything about it is super white and it’s cool, as long as you like white. This update is finally making its way to all users now and Google Play Store has already been updated to reflect this new rollout.

Facebook Messenger 4 now have a simpler design interface by decreasing the tabs to just three: Chats, People, and Discover. Chats is where your messages lie. People is where you can find your friends who are online or browse your entire Friends list. Discover is where everything else can be found such as Instant Games, businesses, and more.

The better news is Facebook has announced that they are working on new Messenger features for future updates which include the ever-popular Dark Mode. Users will have the option to switch between white and black themes.

That’s all for our update tracker this week. If you haven’t received the updates mentioned above, expect it to arrive anytime soon. None is exempted.

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