Reddit Rebellion Unites Android and Apple Fans to Fight Against CurrentC

Reddit Rebellion Unites Android and Apple Fans to Fight Against CurrentC

The NFC system of payment was supposed to make things pretty easy for Android and Apple users. Though Google had the Google Wallet app installed in its Android phones for some time now, users did not make use of it due to lack of awareness and also because they felt the system was not totally secure.

Now that Apple has come out with its Apple Pay app, there was hope that more and more users would start using the NFC and it would benefit both retailers as well as consumers.

Details Behind the Shocking Display Of Protest

However, things have not turned out as planned. Some of the retailers have tried blocking the NFC payment system. They feel it will compete with their current payment system referred to as CurrentC. The retailers who belong to the Merchant Customer Exchange are opposed to the NFC and are showing their disapproval by disabling NFC systems within their stores.

This has upset both Android and Apple users who finally thought they would be able to use a better payment system in more ways than one. They have come together on platforms like Reddit to boycott the CurrentC and register their protest against the unfair boycotting of the NFC by retailers.

They have strong reasons to do that as well.

First of all, the Apple Pay system does not ask for any credit or debit card number or authentication and the consumer is just provided with a payment token as acknowledgement. This is in sharp contrast to the CurrentC system where the consumer has to download the app and fill up debit card information. The consumer then has to scan the QR code using the app and make the payment for it when making future purchases. They also have to suffer a barrage of promotional content that they may not want which is shown to them. All this is very annoying but the consumers have been putting up with it due to the absence of a credible alternative. Now that better systems are available, they wish to use them.

The CurrentC system is also not as secure as the Apple Pay or Google Wallet. There are chances of the information being fed in getting compromised and that is surely not a comforting feeling. By disabling the NFC systems in their stores, the retailers are doing a great disservice to consumers as they are robbing them of availing something that the consumers want to avail of and voluntarily.

Boycott Of Such Stores Will Have A Significant Impact

The social media is a powerful medium. By getting together on such a platform and extolling readers to boycott stores that do not allow NFV and compel consumers to use CurrentC, Android and Apple fans are hoping these stores will see reason or suffer dwindling sales in the days to come. Some of the stores are big names like Walmart and may not get affected badly but these fans are ensuring adequate negative attention is being given to such behavior of stores.


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