Top 5 Android Apps that Help You Fall Asleep

Top 5 Android Apps that Help You Fall Asleep

Have you ever laid in bed at night, hoping to fall asleep but really just staring at the roof or mindlessly playing with your phone?

I’d be extremely surprised if that’s never happened to you. Most people have had trouble falling asleep for some reason or another.

Anyways, if you’re having trouble falling asleep every night, then your Android phone may have the answer. Here are 5 Android apps that help you fall asleep:

5) Nature Sounds & White Noise

Nature Sounds & White Noise is Android’s answer to the popular iOS app “Sleep Pillow Sounds” – which is a pretty stupid name for an app if you ask me.

With this app, you can listen to ambient natural sounds and white noise to help you fall asleep. Slip on a pair of comfortable headphones or just let your phone’s speakers do the work.

nature sounds white noise

The app takes ambient noises as far as they can go. You can listen to isolated sounds like trees rustling in the wind, whales, or grass moving (seriously). Or, you can combine each individual sound into a “mix” to build a sleep mix which perfectly caters to you.

You can also create different sounds for different moods. If you’re studying, you might want some upbeat ambient noises, but if you’re falling asleep, then you might just want rain falling against your roof.

If you like the ambient sounds of a thunderstorm but don’t like the crack of thunder waking you up from that half-sleep state, then Nature Sounds & White Noise could be the perfect way to cure your insomnia using customized natural sounds.

You can download Nature Sounds & White Noise for $1 from the Play Store.

If you’re too cheap to spend a buck on an Android app, then free alternatives include Sleepmaker Rain and Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep.

4) Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is one of the most popular paid apps on the Google Play Store. And for good reason! For the price of $1, Sleep Cycle will track your movement at night and wake you when it thinks you’re ready to be woken up.

Why is that important? Because of sleep cycles, of course! If your sleep cycle is going to end at 7:25, then waking up at 7:10 could be devastating on your overall mood and fatigue for the day.

android sleep cycle

With Sleep Cycle, you set your alarm for between a certain range of times, and then put your phone under your mattress. Sleep Cycle tracks your movement throughout the night using your phone’s accelerometer. It analyzes your sleep patterns and sounds the alarm when it thinks you’re most awake.

So instead of getting woken up in the middle of your deep sleep cycle, you can wake up 20 minutes later and feel significantly more rested.

Have you ever woken up after 4 hours of sleep and felt more rested than you did after 7 hours of sleep? That’s because of sleep cycles.

And yes, your phone’s accelerometer is sensitive enough to detect minor mattress movement, so don’t worry about that.

You can download Sleep Cycle for $1 from the Play Store here

3) Andrew Johnson: The Scottish Hypnotherapist

I can’t personally vouch for this app, but it seems to have consistently received high ratings on both the iOS app store and Play Store.

These apps are made by Andrew Johnson, a Scottish hypnotherapist. He’s released a whole series of different apps onto the Play Store. The free apps are short trials while the longer apps cost $3. They contain themes like “Positivity”, “Lose Weight”, and “Build Confidence”.

andrew johnson

However, those of you interested in falling asleep more easily may enjoy the Deep Sleep app, during which the quiet, melodic voice of a Scottish hypnotherapist will lull you into a deep sleep.

Does that sound weird? A little bit. But hey, apparently it works.

You can download the Deep Sleep hypnotherapy app for $3 from here or view other Andrew Johnson apps for free here

2) Yoga for Insomnia

Okay, even if you’re not a “yoga person”, this app might be worth a try. It costs $5, which is way less than you’d pay for even a few minutes of yoga in a studio. And, at the very least, you get a visual yoga instructional aid.

yoga for insomnia

This app has chosen yoga poses specifically for their ability to make you fall asleep. There are some intermediate and advanced “asanas and techniques” available, but no beginner techniques, so it’s not a great app for those who are totally new to yoga. However, the developers have an alternative app called Core Yoga which may help you fall asleep.

You can download Yoga for Insomnia from here for $5

1) Sleep Hypnosis

This is the only app on this list available for free. However, this isn’t your average low-quality free app: it was created by a licensed hypnotherapist. Whether you believe in hypnotherapy or not, this app promises some amazing benefits, including the ability to cure alcohol abuse, anger management, and PTSD.

More importantly for this article, it also helps you fall asleep at night using the soothing voice of a licensed hypnotherapist.

sleep hypnosis

This app isn’t going to work on everybody. If you’ve ever been to a hypnotist’s show, you know that not everybody can be hypnotized. But those that can be hypnotized swear this app is awesome.

There are a number of different hypnosis lessons included in the free version of this app, including everything from falling asleep to quitting smoking. So if one hypnotist lesson doesn’t work for you, you can always try another.

You can download Sleep Hypnosis for free from here.

As you can see, this industry isn’t exactly rich with free apps. Insomnia is a serious issue and getting a good night’s sleep is something people are willing to pay for. If you are chronically fatigued and can’t fall asleep at night, then spending $1 or $3 is nothing compared to talking to a professional psychologist. After all, that’s less than a cup of coffee.

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