Wiser is the World’s Simplest Android Launcher

Wiser is the World’s Simplest Android Launcher

Most people agree that Android is easy to use.

However, if you don’t have a lot of experience with tech stuff, then Android could seem complicated. It’s probably not as easy to use as an iPhone or iPad, which is why someone created a launcher app called Wiser.

Wiser is the simplest Android launcher out there today. It reduces your Android down to a few simple shortcuts and apps.

It features colorful, clean screens that minimize fluff and frustration. If you regularly struggle with the UI on your Android device, then Wiser could be a huge help. It’s particularly popular with seniors and children – as well as anyone using a smartphone for the first time (like…seniors and children).wiser 2

After installing launcher, simply press your home button, at which point you can choose which launcher to use by default.

After you activate Wiser as your default launcher, you’ll find a simple main home screen. That main screen is divided into your most-used Android functions, including Contacts, Messaging, Dialer, Camera, Gallery, and Applications.

Click on any of those icons to see a similar screen with popular contact names or most-used applications. You can add items to the list by pressing the ‘+’ Add button.

Wiser is extremely self-explanatory. It’s a breeze to use and will help new users get the most out of their smartphones.

You can download Wiser for free from the Google Play Store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wiser.home

If you don’t like wiser, then you might enjoy the ‘Easy Mode’ available on Galaxy S devices. You can activate easy mode from Apps > Settings > Device > Home screen mode. It’s one of two launcher modes available on devices like the Galaxy S3.

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