5 Reasons Why the Galaxy S5 Will Destroy the iPhone

5 Reasons Why the Galaxy S5 Will Destroy the iPhone

The next generation of smartphones was announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung revealed its eagerly-anticipated Galaxy S5 smartphone, setting off a whole new wave of “iPhone versus Galaxy” comparison articles.

Here’s one more article for you. Today, I’m going to tell you about one side of the Samsung versus Apple debate and show you why the Galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone. If you want to see the other side, you can read why the iPhone will dominate the Galaxy S5.

Why the Galaxy S5 will dominate the iPhone:

5) Massive screens and high resolutions

The iPhone has a pitifully small screen compared to most Androids. Nowhere is that more evident than with the Samsung Galaxy S line. Before the Galaxy S3/S4 became popular, the iPhone had a decent screen.

mobile world congress 2014 samsung galaxy s5

Today, after using an Android for 1.5 years, I find it extremely difficult to use an iPhone. The screen feels like hopping back on my grandparents’ old 800×600 resolution computer from the 1990s. Apple will likely upgrade its screen in September 2014 with the iPhone 6 and the world will go wild, but until then, screen size is a massive advantage for Samsung and the Galaxy S5.

Just how much better is the Galaxy S5 screen compared to Apple?

Galaxy S5: 5.1 inch full HD screen with 1920x1080p resolution and about 441ppi (pixels per inch)

iPhone 5S: 4 inch screen with 1136x640p and 326ppi

It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

4) The power of billions of dollars in marketing

Samsung is ramping up its marketing efforts. In 2014, Samsung spent an unbelievable amount on marketing: $14 billion. Expect Samsung to equal or surpass that amount in 2014 as it seeks to continue dominating Apple around the world.

3) Heart rate monitor

I don’t think the fingerprint sensor will be the feature that causes people to say “Hey, I should really update my phone.”

galaxy s5 fitness

However, the heart rate monitor will be another story. I can’t think of any other smartphone that comes with a heart rate monitor (aside from those apps that monitor your heart rate by pressing your finger up to the camera).

The Galaxy S5 heart rate monitor is located on a sensor located just below the phone’s camera and will measure your pulse in 5 to 10 seconds. You can also monitor your heart rate over time with a pre-installed app. That’s a really cool feature that will help Samsung dominate the fitness market – especially with the success of new smart fitness devices like the Fitbit and Galaxy Gear.

2) Good release date timing

The Galaxy S5 will be released in April 2014. That’s just over half a year after the last iPhone was released. It undoubtedly has that “newness” factor on its side.

In Spring 2014, there will be millions of smartphone users ready to upgrade. When looking at their options, some of these smartphone users will buy the Galaxy S5, while others will choose to wait for 5 months until September 2014, when the next iPhone is released.

galaxy s5 camera

Some companies choose to go head-to-head against each other for release dates – like Sony and Microsoft with their gaming consoles, for example. I feel that the April 2014 release date for the Galaxy S5 will be a major reason for people to upgrade.

1) The iPhone might no longer be “cool”

Around the world, the iPhone has undoubtedly lost some of its “cool” factor. Go to any country outside the United States and you’re more likely to see Androids than any other smartphone. They’re popular around the world for so many different reasons.

bad appple

Could this release of the Galaxy S5 be the nail in the coffin for iPhone?  Probably not, but it could chip away at its cool factor even further.

Combine a growing brand affinity for Samsung and Android with a decaying brand image for Apple and you get a dominant Galaxy S5 and a submissive iPhone.

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