Android Users Rejoice as Oukitel’s 10000mAh Battery Powered Smartphone Comes to their Rescue

One key issue that has been bothering Android users ever since the launch of the OS has been the lack of sufficient battery juice to meet Android’s demanding thirst for power. There is no doubt things have improved vastly over time with the current Lollipop as well as the yet to be launched Android M, promising to make things even better. But users will always want more and quickly.

So what if you can get a phone that you will run for a whole week without needing to recharge its battery? Surely that would be a great feature, won’t it?

Oukitel steps in to fill this void

Oukitel seems to have decided to fulfill this need and has announced the Oukitel K 10000. This Chinese company has not made other details like the price or the specs of the smart phone it intends launching as yet. But the outstanding feature of this phone is going to be the huge 10000mAh battery capacity and that is surely not going to create a lot of excitement among users who have wanted something like this for a long time.

Users have coped with battery requirements through the carriage of power bank with them, but will surely want a smart phone that does not need such external support. The Oukitel handset boasts of battery power that is 3 times that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it places this handset much ahead of other brands, including the Gionee Marathon M5 that has a 6000mAh battery.

Impressive specs of the phone   

The few images of this handset that are available show a sports metal kind of build with dual speakers along with USB connectivity at its bottom. The phone will have a 5.5 inch HD resolution display and will be driven by the quad-core Media Tek MT6735 with a 2GB RAM. These specs indeed look very impressive on their own. When you add the LTE functionality, 16GB internal storage, 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, you have a sure winner on your hands and likely to have many users switch to it. As of now though, these specs have not been made public.

Considering that the highest battery power available is at 6000mAh with Samsung having its Galaxy S6 at 4400mAh, this phone is sure to pose tough competition to all these brands, notwithstanding the fact that Oukitel is not as well established as them. The specs of this phone is very similar to that of the Galaxy S6, making it all the more attractive for those who are seeking great performance along with sufficient battery power.

If Oukitel can ensure great quality and after sales service, it an surely wrest market share from other brands sooner than later. It remains to be seen how aggressively the company has prepared itself for the obvious demand it would be enjoying when it actually launches this phone.

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