Beware of Google’s Scan and Match – It Replaces Explicit Songs with Family-Friendly Versions

Beware of Google’s Scan and Match – It Replaces Explicit Songs with Family-Friendly Versions

Google recently released a Music feature called Scan and Match that helps Google users optimize their library of songs. As you may already now, Google Music is a free cloud storage music system that allows users to play their songs from the cloud without actually having those songs on their device. So, if you only have 16GB of storage space on your Nexus 4, you can use Google Music to play your 30GB music library from anywhere.

Scan and Match is designed to complement Google Music. Scan and Match automatically scans your library and finds the match for that song on the cloud. So instead of having you to upload your 30GB music library to the cloud (which could take days), Google Music automatically finds the song on its own servers.

This is a great feature except for one problem: Google doesn’t carry explicit versions of songs on its library. So when it finds a song with explicit lyrics, it will automatically match that song to the safe-for-work version on its servers. Whether you’re into rap, heavy metal, or folk music, this isn’t a great solution.

How to fix Scan and Match replacement errors

If you recently used Scan and Match to flesh out your Google Music library, then you may be disappointed by the lack of explicit lyrics. But don’t fret! Your explicit version of the song has not been replaced on whichever storage unit you’re using. It just hasn’t been uploaded to the cloud.

To prevent your Android from playing the safe-for-work version of the song, just tap the Fix incorrect match button. Google Music will then upload the original swear-word-laden version of your song to the cloud, allowing you to play it any time.

That’s it! You can continue listening to your NSFW songs alongside your SFW songs and everything gets along on the cloud.

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