Google Stuck with Pixel Problems:

Most of the people had pre-ordered their Pixel 2 phones without even knowing that the new phones can also come up with the serious issues. Google actually set up the arena for the invitation of clicking selfies, usage of lens application, low light photos and much more.
But within the background, it was the shadow lurking for different issues which include second generation entry of the Pixel within this world. Above all, every one fixing eyes on Pixel is expecting it to be perfect as the Pixel 2 64 GB for Rs. 61,000 and 128 GB Pixel XL for Rs. 82,000. This is the big asking to start with, but this is actually the serious one.
The big Pixel 2 has a large number of problems as it seems like. One of the biggest problems among them is that when you are going to tilt your phone by just even 1 degrees you are going to observe the blue shift and you are going to see the colors such as pink and white that are getting the sheen of blue cover on them.

Now, there is always the shifting of the color within every device ad this is what we actually mean when we are going to say that the angles of viewing are finer over the device. Within this case, the people complain that this is much far and it could also interfere with the view and editing that is going to involve the colors accuracy including artwork or photograph.

Keeping in consideration both Pixel phones the new as well as the old ones, it is quick to see the shift on the Pixel 2 XL but this is easy to say that we have not found it as the deal broker. The screen of the device is completely fine if you are looking straight at it.
Google was first silent over this subject but it has now said on different forums that they are actually going to fix this issue with the new update. They are constantly trying to give users a better choice as of how they are going to see the display but there are more skeptical people as it is hard for them to find out that whether it is the hardware problem or some software fix.

It is important to say that it actually doesn’t matter as long as it needs fixation. One other most important issue is the sound problem as there is the burn-in over the screen just like you have it in the computers or laptops. The image ghost actually remains over the screen and this is how it affects the display quality. This problem doesn’t need a comment as it occurs due to short usage but it may take some little time. moreover, it was only occurring with the Pixel 2 XL as it has been said by most of the reviewers. This is how it seems little difficult to resolve the issue.

We are still over the beleaguered screen, most of the users have reported that the screen of the phone is not much bright. This is completely true when it is compared with original Pixel but both of the devices are less vibrant but you still have the option to light up the screen by increasing the brightness.


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