Here are the latest news about Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones

Here are the latest news about Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 is just a month away. While everyone is excited about what may come, Google and Samsung had already spiced up the month of love with incredible news regarding their existing and upcoming flagships.

Here are the latest news about the Google Pixel Phone and the Samsung Galaxy series.

Pixel Phone: February update is more than just security

Google was proud to announce that they have updated the Pixel phone security this February to address the data leak issues. Apparently, what most users don’t know is that the new update is not just about security, it has more.

Along the improved security, the About Phone section was also revamped and now has its own section and rearranged above the Tips & Support in the main settings screen. This setting also now includes Safety & Regulation Manual option which displays the safety & warranty booklet of the phone.

Additionally, Google also changed the aesthetics of this flagship. The Settings menu now feature a new layout and icons.

If you’re a Pixel phone owner and haven’t received the update yet, simply restart your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Release date confirmed

Samsung usually launches the newest member of the Galaxy S series on the annual MWC event. However, this year will be different and Samsung Galaxy fans will already be seeing the new Samsung Galaxy S10 days before the Mobile World Congress.

The company has confirmed that the Samsung Unpacked event will be held on February 20 in San Francisco. For those who are eager to witness the unboxing but can’t fly to San Francisco, Samsung is nice enough to host a live stream for everyone to watch online.

Coming on February 20, this could mean that the phone will go on sale starting in the last week of February or early March 2019.

Samsung Galaxy A: Low-cost with AMOLED display

The low-cost Samsung Galaxy flagship is now upgrading its specifications at the same price according to MySmartPrice. The source suggests that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, and A30 will include AMOLED displays.

Aside from the display, it is also believed that the phone’s battery life will also upgrade. The three phones will also be powered by an Exynos 7885 chipset. The notable difference between the trio is the RAM. The RAM varies across devices starting from the A10 featuring 2GB while the top end version of the flagship A30 will have 4GB of RAM.

More surprisingly, the upcoming Galaxy A series phones will already be running with the new Samsung One UI right out of the box.

Hitting the refresh button on the A series, this shows that Samsung is now also committed to improve their entry-level phones and not just focus on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagships. The company has experienced poor sales performance last year and this move only proves that it’s trying to get back on its feet.

That’s it for our post-Chinese New Year update on Android phones. Check us out daily for more exciting news about Android.


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