12 Reasons Why Picking Android Over iOS is Almost Always a Regret-free Experience

12 Reasons Why Picking Android Over iOS is Almost Always a Regret-free Experience

There is little doubt Apple has been able to make a success of its iPhone 6S sales despite its much higher cost and lack of serious innovation. It is also a fact that Apple remains the only competitor to Google in the smart phone segment, though lagging far behind. Both Microsoft and Blackberry have ceased to be of any competition to Google since quite some time now.

Apple makes great products, but there are still enough valid reasons for you to go for the Android OS over the iOS. Let us take a look at some of them for your consideration:

  1. The first one is the storage. When you buy the iPhone, you are kind of stuck with what is available within the phone whereas with the Android, you can attach a microSD card and add the storage you want.
  2. If your battery goes for a toss, you can get it replaced in the Android. The same cannot be done with the iphone as the battery is built in and not removable. Having said that many of the Android phones of late too are coming with backs that cannot be removed and you need to be aware of that.
  3. Some of the Android phones of brands like HTC, Galaxy S5 and LG G3 can also be used as remote control devices, thanks to the infrared blasters they are equipped with.
  4. Accessibility to your files for easier transfer from your computer to the mobile is much easier in Android. You only have to drag and drop, whereas it is far more complicated with the iOS.
  5. When you use the iphone, you need to use the iTunes and the iPhoto for loading songs and exporting photos. Android does not insist on using any such proprietary package and you are free to use any music source.
  6. Charging your Android phone only needs the micro-USB cable whereas you would need the proprietary “lightning” cable of Apple to be able to charge the iphone.
  7. The Google Play Store allows you to download the app you desire directly onto your mobile. With the iOS, you have to launch iTunes to be able to download an app and install.
  8. Google Maps works well on the Android but you cannot use it on the iphone. The Maps of Apple is just not as good as Google Maps.
  9. Apple allows you on the fingerprint or the passcode to unlock the phone. Google has other options such as face unlocks and patterns as well for unlocking.
  10. Customizing the Android is easier through the addition of widgets that you can place on the home screen.
  11. Usage of multiple apps on the Android phone is possible.
  12. You can see the notifications at the screen top of your Android and that makes for easier access to them for quicker responses.

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