Android One Will Be Announced on September 15 in India

Android One Will Be Announced on September 15 in India

Google has started sending out invites to Indian tech news publications. These invites tell tech publications to “block their date” on September 15 for an “exciting new announcement from Google.”

Most people have connected the dots and realized that Google is probably going to announce Android One. Android One is Google’s attempt to create a unified Android operating system (and cheaper devices) to cater to consumers developing countries.

Smartphone users in developing countries like India are often forced to use sub-$150 devices which offer jumbled Android experiences and limited Google services.


Android One aims to change that by offering customers lower prices and a more refined Android experience.

Android One should come with all of the following features and benefits:

-Running the latest Android version available

-A series of minimum hardware requirements for manufacturers to follow

-The one Android One device that has been announced so far is from Indian manufacturer Micromax, which offers an Android One smartphone with a 4.5” screen, dual SIM cards, microSD support, and a sub-$100 price tag.

Any manufacturer that wishes to sell under the Android One name would have to abide by these requirements.

“Majority of devices” may be showcased on September 15

Obviously, all we know about September 15 is from the invite posted above. That doesn’t tell us much, but it does say that Google will reveal more information closer to the date.

android one 2

Some are expecting that Google will simply announce the Android One program, while others believe the majority of Android One devices will actually be revealed at the event.

What we do know is that Android chief – and Google Senior VP – Sundar Pichai is expected at the event. So this isn’t some small announcement.

Are you ready for Android One?

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