Is Android M Aiming Only for the Purists?

Is Android M Aiming Only for the Purists?

When the Android Lollipop launch was announced last year, the novel Material Design and other visually attractive icons floored onlookers. However, when the preview became available, people got disappointed as some of the taken for granted features were missing. Google then added those into the final release, but there are still some niggling issues related to volume controls, sound notifications that need resolution. The Android M may be able to fix these.

The Google I/O 2015 has surprised many with its announcement of the launch of the Android M. Not many expected the Lollipop to go through an upgrade so soon. But when the impending improvements with regard to the volume control, the ability to expand controls through the arrow and notifications were announced, Google did get applause from the audience. This expanded volume control innovation in the Android M is likely to be retained as it can work with all smart phones and tablets running Android M.

You can try it out using the Nexus 5 and it is worth it despite the rather limited user experience at this point in time. It is always good to know about what is in the offing. The vertical app drawer for instance is a refreshing change from the horizontal one that has been around. The Android M is all about refining and consolidation. Users on one hand would be surprised at the speed at which the new update is being planned but at the same time should be prepared to make do with some minor changes and not expect too much. Google is unlikely to repeat the Lollipop launch experience so soon. So you are unlikely to see path breaking external changes on the Android M.

Google has been following a pattern on the Android that by now should be predictable. It seems to alternate its versions, making changes on the external for one and not doing much for the next one. By this token and with the Lollipop less than a year old, the launch of Android M may not happen in a hurry.

Android M – Not Only for Developers

It must be mentioned here that the advantages to be gained from the launch of Android M will not be enjoyed by developers alone. Users will get to experience a very polished version of the Android. Issues of battery life, security glitches and calling problems are all likely to be sorted out to the fullest. Google will be keen to ensure that the Android M user experience remains its best for a long time.

This time Google has acted quickly and taken feedback about the Lollipop to bring about the changes it is referring to. It is bringing in features like fingerprint scanning, a smoother dual SIM operation, and other refinements in software that will help all consumers across the board enjoy Android all the more.
There is no doubt that the months ahead will see an interesting battle between the iOS 9 and the Android M.

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