Pixel C – The Hot New Lap-Tablet Device Everyone is Talking About

Pixel C – The Hot New Lap-Tablet Device Everyone is Talking About

After the smart phone, the tablet and phablet, it is the turn of the hybrid lap-tablet to make news. Google with its Pixel C is making waves after its earlier foray into plain laptops did not quite get the response they were hoping due to its exorbitant cost.

Design and adjustments pretty flexible

This hybrid has two parts, the tablet with the keyboard and both are clad in aluminum giving them a very rich and cute look. They can be attached to each other in 3 ways – either face to face so that you can take it when you go out and do not have to worry about any damage to them o during transport or by the back to keyboard wherein you just dangle it like a clipboard even as you are working on it. The third way is to let the part of the tablet snap magnetically on to the upper keyboard half so that you are able to adjust the screen to the angle comfortable for you.

The grip you get is pretty comfortable and strong so that you do not have to worry about anything coming apart. Surely, that was not something you could try with the Surface or the iPad Pro. Moreover, the keyboard is a real one, making it possible for you to balance your Pixel C on your knees and type, thanks to the weight being just a pound. Imagine its usage when you are in the airplane, it seems to have been designed just for that.

Keyboard functioning smooth akin to the laptop typing experience

As mentioned, the keyboard is a real one allowing you to type at full speed. The keys are big nad once you get adjusted to them, you will not find any difference. It communicates through Bluetooth with the tablet without any need for pairing. So no connectors and since the tablet powers the keyboard when you place them face to face, you are not bothered about the keyboard needing its own battery resource.

Those of you typing in the night should note that the keyboard is not self illuminated. Once you charge the battery, you can get 10 hours out of it and it is the USB-C jack that is used for charging, data transfer as well as for video output.

The speakers are clear but you cannot get a lot of loudness out of them though. You also have the 8 MP rear and the 2MP front camera to help you with the snaps.

Screen size not ideal for TV or movies

The size at 10.2 inches is great but the proportions are not exactly ideal for watching TV or movies and more suited for web pages. The processor is quick and the pricing range at around $650- $800 is not very economical but affordable for those looking for the Android OS and some laptop like features out of their smart device.

To sum up, those looking for an Android only lightweight machine with basic frills will do well to give this a try.


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