Oppo Find X: Premium Features but Not Durable

Oppo Find X: Premium Features but Not Durable

Our favorite device abuser JerryRigEverything has done it again with the Oppo Find X after his successful test with Vivo Nex.

The Oppo Find X is not like any phones the YoutTube channel has tested. It has a motorized panel on the top where the front and rear cameras are hidden. The panel automatically slides up when the camera app is opened and closes when the app is closed. You can also force slide the panel up with your fingers but it will automatically close back as soon as it detects the camera app is not open.

Oppo has really done a great job with providing an infinity screen with this flagship by hiding the front camera and speakers via a sliding panel. But, can it pass the normal durability test? Let’s see.


Oppo Find X hasn’t caught up with the latest Gorilla 6 yet since it was just announced very recently. No matter how premium this phone is, it still uses Gorilla 5.

It can only withstand up to Level 6 or 7 sharp materials. The screen is expected to crack once you take a sharper blade, but who would do that, right? The test is only to prove that this premium flagship is actually using the right Gorilla Glass.

The body is all metal so it would take a while before Oppo Find X gets scratches when using it without a casing. It also means the phone is hard enough to break from fall.


Aside from the fingerprint sensor, Oppo also did not include a headphone jack for this one. It could’ve been acceptable for most users who love to listen to music with wired earphones if it was made waterproof. Sadly, the phone is not waterproof.

There is still an on-going argument the reason behind why the company removed the headphone jack. We are yet to get a response from the manufacturer.

Bend Test

The moment of truth. The bend test may sound ridiculous but you’ll realize its importance until your phone actually bends. This is to test if your phone can is fine with fit places like your pocket, or should you carry an extra bag.

Unfortunately, the Oppo Find X is not a pocket phone material. The body easily bends like a biscuit and cracks immediately appeared in both the screen and the back. But wait, there is good news. The motorized panel still works! So, you can still take a selfie even with a jittering screen.

The Sliding Panel

The brand was probably more focused on making the motorized panel work and extended the effort to make it durable. 90% of Oppo’s new phones have passed the bending test. We didn’t expect a high-end premium flagship to join the 10%.

The top sliding panel also gets another minus during the durability test. JerryRigEverything noticed that the panel, once lit up, is wiggling. This means that there is enough room for dust, or sand, to accumulate inside and cause serious problems. The sliding motor also depends on two metal sensors which we can’t expect to be long-lasting given the history of sliding panels.

Overall, the Oppo Find X is an amazing phone loaded with premium features but falls short on durability.

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