Why most people use android phones?

Why most people use android phones?

This question is subjective in a sense that some of the users can only afford android phones and not by choice. Secondly, Android phones have the ability to share or send an application from one android to another android easily. And lastly, according to some users who were able to experience both Android and iOS prefer an android phone because according to the android phones are user-friendly. Although not everyone agrees to it. Another piece of the picture that we need to take a look at is that the Android operating system is used by many brands of smartphones like Samsung, Sony, LG, and many others. We will try to take a look at those things as we go along.

Most of the countries around the world belong to the third world countries. Nevertheless, some of the rich countries also produce Android phones. Since Android phones are already distributed worldwide, this makes it so popular in both poor and rich countries. Popular, because most of the smartphones that are available in the market are Android phones. Like for example in the Philippines, only a few members of the society are using iOS because of the price and iOS phones are not easy to depreciate. This shows that most of the smartphone users have no other choice but to buy a phone that has an Android operating system. I would say that this is not by choice but by the availability of the gadget at a lower price than the smartphone that operates on an iOS. In addition to this fact is that there are phone manufacturers that operate locally in some countries such as the Philippines. And here are other countries that produce Android phones; Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, and many more. Although some of these countries also distribute and manufacture phones that operate on an iOS, all of these countries were able to produce smartphones that run with an Android operating system. Thus, the phones that they produce are cheaper but with the same quality, those other manufacturers provide.

I was able to compare iOS and Android phone myself. My very first phone is the Samsung Galaxy S4. That was 2013 that I first bought my very own smartphone. I loved it because of its flexibility and I find it easy to use. Just a little bit of common sense and courage to explore my device, I was able to navigate and know more about my smartphone. One of the features that I like about my device is the ability to transfer applications. We all know that not all application is free. Otherwise, we can change and uninstall applications on our phones every now and then whenever we like as long as we have data available for usage. However, that is not what we will be looking at this time. After three years, I bought my very first iPhone in which we know that is operated by iOS. I was a bit surprised although I already had an idea that Android and iOS are different. Let me cite one difference, I came to find out that I cannot go on the shortcut from one particular set-up to another even though it acts on the same function on my phone. Anyway, that is not what I am trying to point out here. The one that is very obvious to both users is the way or process of transferring an application from one device to another.  There are some ways to transfer application from an android phone to another. Nevertheless, iOS has its unique and secure way of transferring application too.

One of the ways of transferring application on an android phone is using Bluetooth and here is the process to do it. First is you need to launch APK Extractor. Second is select the application you want to share. The third is select “Send APK” from the list of options. Fourth is choose “Bluetooth” from the list of available share options. Fifth is turned on your Bluetooth. Then lastly wait for the receiving device to accept the Bluetooth transfer.

            One other way of transferring is by the use of a popular application called “ShareIt”. This process is through the use of WiFi technology which is mostly used if not by everyone. This transfer of application with androids is very easy to use and fast in the sense that the users do not have to be connected to a third-party device or a bridging device just to transfer an application. I did this myself too many times, and I would say it is much easier to do. Compared to iOS phones, this needs a third device that has an application called iTunes that only works on the iOS device. First is you need to set-up your iPhone to be ready for sharing and then connect it to a PC that has the iTunes application to start the transfer. From the PC, the user needs to connect the second iPhone who will receive the application and then start another process to finally transfer the application. There are at least four processes and every process have a few steps to take before completing it. Although this is a secure way of doing the transfer, most of the users find this hard follow. Not to mention the availability of iTunes on their PC and the skill needed to successfully do the transfer of the desired application.

            From the discussions above, this opens to the question to our minds as to which really is user-friendly, the iOS device or the Android operated device? Since I myself was able to use both kinds of device. I would say that android phones are much of a user-friendly device. Although I am still using my iPhone until today, this is only because it lasted until now and I am already used to it. Most of the people that I have talked to, said that iOS is a bit hard to navigate compared to android because it makes you navigate one step at a time in locating a specific item inside the device settings. Unlike androids that allow the user to skip some of the unnecessary steps when you try to set up other settings on the phone. With iOS, the user needs to go back to the home page every time they need to go to a new kind of set up on the phone. Another advantage of Android phones is the widgets. Android phones have never been beaten in terms of the way widgets work for users. Widgets in android phones let the users glance at whichever application works best for the owner. This gives more power to the user in terms of personalized set-ups. This works uniquely in every individual depending on the personality and custom of every user. That is why most of the users chose Android phones as their preference over iOS phones.

We all know that the Android operating system is owned and created by Google. Thus, most of the applications available at google store are compatible with Android phones. There are so many applications that are available for download at google store with no charge. Hence, some of the users find this attractive. In most cases, the applications that are free in google store are not for free in App Store. Or maybe not available at all. The iOS is exclusive only for iPhones and iPhones are produced only by Apple. On the other hand, Android is a free and open platform but… Google imposes certain terms on phone and tablet manufacturers in return for key apps on that free operating system, says The Wall Street Journal. Android is free to device makers, but there are a few catches. And for those companies that produce Android phones that agreed to the terms and conditions that Google provides, enjoys the benefit it brings. The Android mobile operating system is free for consumers and for manufacturers to install, but manufacturers need a license to install Gmail, Google Maps and the Google Play store – collectively called Google Mobile Services (GMS). Manufacturers can be refused a license if they do not meet Google’s requirements (Android Operating System-Wikipedia). This benefit results in a wide market for Google using its product which is the Android operating system. With this being said, the impact to the market for these manufacturers which is the people is also very vast and at the same time appealing because of the price and availability of the products.

As a consumer, should I buy such devices or gadgets, I may need to consider what is there in it for me and how it will benefit my needs. Through the fact that most of the consumers consider first the price before anything else, Android phones are the first thing to check out. These android phones are available everywhere and you can choose from a variety of brands and models that may fit the type of personality that anyone possesses.

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