Your Android Phone Just Needs a Factory Reset

Your Android Phone Just Needs a Factory Reset

It’s the season for hot vacations and a new generation of smartphones with impressive cameras that will totally nail your Instagram-worthy pose!

However, your phones might be acting weird and not running smoothly. This could entirely ruin your vacation. It’s probably time to clean your phone. I’m not talking about physically wiping it with a new polish, although that’s also a good idea, but allowing your phone to start anew.

Your phone may not be working the way it used to out of the box. Just like human beings, or dogs, they need a good massage too. In this matter, a good software massage by doing a factory reset. You might be thrilled losing all your data. There’s always a backup plan for that.

Smartphones today allow users to create a backup and store all data in an external storage such as MicroSD. So, if you don’t want to start from scratch in downloading all the apps you need, you might want to do this. However, a good factory reset means to delete everything if you wish the best for your phone.

Here are few benefits of doing a factory reset.

Clear off the Junk

There are tons of unwanted data stored on your phone over the years such as cache, mail junk, and forgotten photos that are lost in various folders. These data, as they multiply, makes your phone slow since it consumes a considerable amount of storage leaving no space for the CPU to run.

These data cannot be easily deleted manually, and most of them are hidden files. But, there is one easy way to get rid of them – factory reset.

Repair Software Damages

Your phone might be running slow due to software damages. The common cause of this problem is that there are incompatible apps overriding your phone’s main software making it function abnormally. If your touchscreen is not collaborating as usual, or it taps anywhere on the screen without touching it, then that is a sign of software malfunction.

Doing factory reset will help repair your software, delete post-installed apps, while not losing the pre-installed apps.

Delete all Malicious Files

There are hidden worms, viruses, and trojans that are probably causing your phone to slow down. Most of these malicious files are hard to detect, even with a good anti-virus software. They can even be used as a key for the hacker to mess with your life.

Punching the factory reset button will delete these viruses instantly.

Fresh and New

After doing the most difficult decision of your life, you’ll find your phone working good as new. Now, you’ll feel relieved that you won’t have to use your credit card again to buy a new phone. Be more careful now, though. You don’t want to commit the same mistakes you did before and undergo the reset process once more.

Download only the trusted apps, and don’t download anything from random websites because they’re the main source of malicious files. Unless, of course, your trust the website. Although, multiple factory resets are not too bad if you have a lot of patience.

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