Android Device Manager Adds Automatic Message & Call Back Options For Lost Devices

Android Device Manager Adds Automatic Message & Call Back Options For Lost Devices

The prospect of losing your smart phone is always a very threatening and disconcerting one. Many of us would have faced the mortification of misplacing our smart phone and while some of us would have been lucky to get it back, others may have lost it for good. Despite the various security features that are now being built into some of the high end phones, if you misplace your smart phone or somebody flicks it off you, it can be quite difficult to retrieve it. One of the reasons is that people finding the phone often do not know whom to contact in order to return the phone. They then either have to dump the phone somewhere or have to sell it.

Nifty Update By Google

Google though has now added one update to the Android Device Manager which might make this retrieval an easier and workable process. Now when somebody finds a lost smart phone, he or she will be presented with a lock screen and a button that would implore him to call the number that has already been specified or input by you – the owner of the smart phone.

Now the device manager has not undergone any other change and will enable you to lock the device remotely like before or you can even set off a loud ringer to help you find the phone if you have misplaced it within the house. The new update is interesting and may prove to be more effective due to the message that you can put on the lock screen along with the button that will be easy for the finder of the phone to just press and call you. The good thing  is that the caller would not know the number and that green button urging him to call would not show any number and therefore your privacy is protected.

What If You Misplace Your Phone

This can happen any time and once you have realized it, you only need to log on to the Android Device Manager site to be able to remotely set the lock screen button which will call the number you have specified. You can also put a simple message like, ‘As the finder of this phone, please call me’, and if the finder is a nice guy, he will surely call you and you can get your gadget back.

Google as yet has not made any announcement about this update but you would be able to notice the feature on the app listing. You may download if you wish to remotely lock your gadget or make use of the portal. Do take care not to put your address on the message though. The message is customizable and you may even offer some reward to the finder of the phone so that he or she is motivated to call the number you have specified. This update is unique as you can now add the lock screen message from a remote location.

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