New Android Virus Sends Out Thousands of Text Messages Per Day

New Android Virus Sends Out Thousands of Text Messages Per Day

Android viruses are becoming frighteningly common. Fortunately, mobile security is working hard to keep up with the onslaught of attacks. A recent Android security report claims that a new virus has emerged that sends out thousands of text messages per day – so let’s hope you have an unlimited texting plan.

How the virus works

The mobile virus operates like many other Android viruses. The user installs a free app from any app store. Then, the app gains access to the Android and downloads a hidden program that connects that handset to a server in Hong Kong. This hidden program copies random phone numbers to the Android as well as a list of viral text messages.

Once the hidden program has been loaded onto the device, it starts to send out thousands of texts to random phone numbers. These texts contain links to more infected files, which means the cycle continues across a wider network of users.

Android gamers should be particularly careful about which apps they download. The virus is reportedly masking itself as free versions of Need for Speed Most Wanted, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Grand Theft Auto. Other popular free game viruses have also been spotted.

Will Android viruses get worse in 2013?

New Android Virus

Unfortunately, Android viruses show no signs of letting up in 2013. Android security will continue to be a major issue as we move forward. If you haven’t been infected with a virus yet, then download an antivirus app or backup your phone on a regular basis. You never know when a virus will strike – and you don’t want to get caught with a cell phone bill worth thousands of dollars.

Hackers continue to probe the Android platform for security holes. And when they find one, it’s an all-out assault on Android users around the world. Fortunately, you can prevent 99% of Android viruses by taking the following precautions:

-Only download trustworthy apps that have lots of positive user feedback

-Avoid downloading suspiciously free files from the internet

-Root your Android to make antivirus software more powerful and allow it to block advertisements at the most basic level of your phone

Only a few thousand Android devices have been infected so far. Steer clear of free versions of premium apps and you should stay safe.

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