Android creator’s tweet Bragging About a Remote-shaped Essential Android phone

Android creator’s tweet Bragging About a Remote-shaped Essential Android phone

It appears like Essential, the agency built through Android inventor Andy Rubin, isn’t useless after all. Rubin tweeted confirming that Essential is working on a new smartphone alongside with pics of a strange-looking device.

The body of the device in the photos is formed greater like a remote control than a smartphone, and it does no longer appear as though the device can fold into a clamshell-style foldable device. Rubin appears to be building Uber, Calendar, Maps, and Weather apps on the device, which seems to have a completely new user interface primarily based on Android, however in contrast to any Android phone we’ve seen in the past. Rubin also reveal the back of the phones, showing off its four shiny new finishes. There appears to be room for a fingerprint sensor and a large bulge for a single camera lens. A front-facing camera can be located in a small hole-punch cutout, similar to that discovered in recent Samsung smartphones.

The mobile phone doesn’t appear to be all longer than latest Android handsets, alternatively providing a whole lot thinner design. Specs, of course, have yet to be revealed, as do particular dimensions of the phone.

While the new phone seems to highlight a radically specific design, it remains to be considered whether or not it will be popular. The authentic Essential Phone was a stable handset at a realistic price, but it rarely launched the corporation into purchaser focus the same way Android did way back in the mid-2000s.

Rubin has generally stayed out of the spotlight over the previous few months, ever given that The New York Times posted a file detailing how Google blanketed Rubin from allegations of sexual assault. According to the report, Rubin coerced a lady into performing oral sex in a lodge room in 2013, had been determined with bondage sex movies on his work computer, and had a relationship with every other girl at Google that used to be left unreported to Google HR. After an internal investigation, Google requested for Rubin’s resignation however now not before giving him a $90 million exit package.

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