Android L – Exciting Times Ahead

Android L – Exciting Times Ahead

The new operating system from Google, referred to as the Android L is going to be pitted against the iOS8. Apple has already launched its iPhone 6 and 6 plus with iOS 8 and Google will be looking to match up or even exceed user expectations and experience with the Android L.

It does promise to be a huge makeover of the current Android operating system with its totally new interface, fluid animations, focus on boosting battery life and also being compatible for the very first time with 64-bit processors. It is expected to be released later this year though Google has not provided any definite time frame as yet.

Who Will Get The Upgrade First?

The question arises which of you current Android users will get the upgrade ahead of others. It is clear that apart from Nexus, which is a Google brand, HTC and Motorola customers will get the upgrade the earliest. Even in the past, they have been quite active and quick in implementing operating system version upgrades the fastest.

While HTC will upgrade its M8 and M7, Motorola will do so for its Moto X and Moto G. Unfortunately, Moto E might get left out and its users will have to stay put with Kit Kat 4.4.4 for the moment. The other OEMs have not announced any timeframe either as to when they would implement the upgrade.

Material Design Is The Main Draw

The Android L will have more than 5000 fresh APIs working behind the scenes to ensure that the user gets the best possible Android experience. It is however the visual effects that are being looked forward to, thanks to the novel and unique Material Design introduction for the very first time. This design scheme will now make its appearance on all Google platforms but will be at its very best on tablets and smart phones. As you touch or tap each icon, it would animate and give you a sense it has its own life. The visual depth and 3D appearance is sure to be a great hit.

Similarly, the home screen, pull-down menu, settings page and the lock screen as well as the navigation buttons will all look different. There will be widgets that will match the design and many of the apps have been upgraded to perform even better for the Android L. The notifications and how they would appear have been changed and users can now act on them on the lock screen itself and do not have to do any unlocking.

Features That Are Worth the Excitement

It is not about looks alone. The Android L would have features like the Personalized Unlocking mechanism which will enable the gadget to do a search for familiar or known Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi networks and obey voice imprints for lock screen deactivations. Only when the device can detect any of these, would it open or otherwise it will present a lock screen display. The battery life too would be enhanced due to a more controlled battery discharge.



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