ClickMe Won’t Let You Miss Anything

ClickMe Decription

Here and there the best applications are the most straightforward. For the individuals who depend on suggestions to sort out themselves in these bustling circumstances, convenience and effortlessness are the principle contemplations with any update/association application. ClickMe expects to influence setting updates as effortless as conceivable by enabling you to do as such to in as meagre as two taps of the screen. In its straightforwardness, it figures out how to truly emerge as a helpful bit of programming.

There are various highlights which accompany the application, including the capacity to set updates in view of screenshots or pictures, contacts in your contact book, or voice chronicles. Be that as it may, basically, ClickMe tries to streamline setting updates by giving you one single page where you can sort the update data and after that select the time you need it to fly up.


What’s great?

As per the application’s Google Play Store page, ClickMe “empowers you to catch any update in a matter of seconds. Click#1: Capture the substance. Click#2: Select a time period. It’s that straightforward!” This is a genuinely precise depiction of the application’s center capacity. It’s as clear as opening the application, either choosing a bit of substance, for example, a screenshot or writing out a note, at that point hitting one of the circles with a time allotment in.

You can likewise choose a contact from your contact book as your bit of substance with the goal that when the update flies up, e.g. to remind you to call somebody, you can basically pick the call choice from the ClickMe fly up.

As far as additional highlights the application will likewise give you a fly up after you get a call. Tapping on it will then enable you to set a suggestion to get back to that individual at a later time. You can even match up ClickMe with the timetable application you as of now utilize, or any online logbooks you have connected to an email account. Any updates you have effectively set in these different schedules will be ported over to the new application.

Everything works easily and the straightforward interface absolutely helps in finishing the objective of making update setting more proficient.


What’s awful?

I had a little issue with the console. When you begin writing another update, the console covers the lower half of the screen and the best way to dispose of it is by hitting the committed “back” catch on your telephone. It would marginally build the ease of use of the application on the off chance that you could hit anyplace on the screen to dispose of the console. Be that as it may, if the remarks on Google Play Store page for ClickMe are anything to pass by, the engineers are wanting to settle this soon, and say they will likewise influence the screen to look up when the console seems to make things less demanding.



In the event that you are the kind of individual that continually utilizes updates on your gadget this application truly will spare you a great deal of time. The engineers additionally appear put resources into enhancing ClickMe later on, giving an exhortation to various analysts on the Google Play Store page and promising future changes to make the application much more valuable. Considering that, ClickMe is a standout amongst the most basic however helpful applications I have utilized, and resembles it’s just going to show signs of improvement.


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