Google Comes Up With Android Oreo 8.1 And Android Studio 3.0 Preview:

Google has recently launched the Android Studio 3.0 which is the latest and the most updated version of the integrated development environment (IDE) with upgraded features such as app profiling tools to detect the issues related to the performance, Kotlin programming language support and the new wizards to enhance the development by the use of new APIs of Android Oreo. The other big thing done by the company is that it has come up with the first preview of the new Android 8.1 Oreo with help of Android Go Optimizations, fewer enhancements within feedback response and the neutral API Networks.

The latest version of the Android Studio can be easily downloaded for the Linux, Windows and Mac and it has been downloaded directly from the android website. Here are the rundowns of the Android Studio 3.0 that you should definitely look into:

  • Java 8 Language: in order to update the project for support of Java 8 tool chain language, it is simple to update the target compatibility level and source to the 1.8 within Project Structure Dialog.
  • Kotlin Programming Language: the Kotlin has now been supported officially within Android studio and it carries latest features such as Syntax Highlighting and Code completion.
  • Adaptive Icon Wizard: This new wizard has created the launcher icon assets set and it offers the previews of how the adaptive icon is going to appear with the different screens of icon masks. Within this release, vector Draw able layers are also supported.
  • Layout Editor: the tree component within Layout Editor has come up with insertions of drag and drop view along with new panel of error.
  • Instant support of App: the new Android Studio 3.0 also offers the instant app features to the project.
  • XML Fonts with Downloadable Fonts: if you are the one targeting the Android Oreo for the Android Application then it is now possible to add the downloadable fonts or the custom fonts by use of XML.
  • Android Things Support: the templates set within Wizard of new project and new module in order to develop the platform of android things.
  • IntelliJ Platform Update: the release of IntelliJ 2017 has come up with latest features including parameter hints, drag able breakpoints, Java 8 language refactoring, semantic highlighting and the control search of enhanced version along with the large number of other important features.
  • Google’s Maven Repository: in order to facilitate the quick and small updates, the Android Studio latest version has used the Google Maven Repository by the default rather than the use of Android SDK Manager in order to get the updates of the Google Play services, Firebase Maven Dependencies and the Android Support Library. Used along with the SDK manager tool of command lie, the Continuous Integration should be migrated to the Google Maven Repository for the future updates.
  • Build speed improvements: the big jump from the 2.4 to 3.0 update is because of the API change within Android Gradle Plugin for the build times and improvement scalability.

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