Google Pixel 2 XL Display on the Hot Seat

The XL big screen of Google is 2 XL and it actually starts at the $849. Do you really think that these 6 inches OLED display actually worth for such big bucks?

This small review has been focused completely on the display of the Google Pixel 2 XL because of the issues raised by the users over it. The Pixel 2 XL display is actually made up of the LG display and it is actually the new entry within the OLED Smartphone’s business that has been actually monopolized by the Samsung till this time. After using the phone personally, we have come up with the short review to let our users know about the big screens.

The first impression about the Pixel 2 XL was quite surprising yet shocking. The presence of blue tint which is off angle and much different than 1st gen XL, odd gray blotch over default applications screen as well as less saturated colors have actually not made us the good and happy users of the Pixel 2 XL.

You might also get some shocking expressions for the first time but let’s give it some more time. This is definitely not going to make you sad. Just hold on to it and use it. As mentioned the off angle blue tint is little bit surprising but it actually doesn’t bother you particularly when you turn the camera on and take the excellent photos with the best camera of the phone. You are going to get highly impressive results.

The color accuracy as well as the color reproduction of the display is also one of the most liked and impressive thing. Apart from the blue tint issue with the white background this is basically not an important problem when you are going to look at the color image. Moreover, this is not the entire deal breaker when you are going to make this major purchase.

After looking at the large variety of photos and images captured by the mobile, it has been observed that they are not actually very less saturated or they are not so called muted colors. You may find them less vibrant in some of the pictures when you are going to compare it with the first generation XL but it actually doesn’t mean that they are less accurate.

When you are going to make the comparison with the first generation Pixel XL along with the iPhone 7 plus, you are going to get the best results. The most accurate reproduction of color is the best thing.

The weirdest blotching which is observed over the screen of the application is actually also fixable as you can switch the wallpaper if it is irritating you. This is how you will be able to find out that this is basically not the defect of the hardware.

It has been said by the Google Experts that the Display P3 can actually give more colors when compared with the sRGB because it has wide gamut. Without the management of color, the Android OS pass the decoded image of sRGB to display without thinking that the display carries wide gamut.




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