Here’s every info about the LG V50 before it arrives at MWC 2019

First things first, we’ve heard LG declared a foldable phone will be coming early this year and claimed it will be the first foldable phone to go out in the market. Well, the LG V50 is not it, just so we’re clear. Moreover, LG also promised a 5G-powered phone will be launching this February. We are yet to find out if this is the upcoming LG V-series.

While waiting for that promised next-generation foldable phone and 5G phone, let’s take a look first at probably the last batch of non-foldable phones launching at the Mobile World Congress 2019 – one of which is the LG V50.

Here’s every info we know about the LG V50 before we can get a physical hands-on:

  1. The LG V50 will look broadly similar to V40 since the design is just a few months old – notch, tiny bezels, a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, horizontally aligned rear triple camera.
  2. Although the in-display fingerprint sensor is the new trend, LG is sticking to a rear-mounted sensor. This is probably because the in-display sensor relatively reads slower.
  3. The cameras are no longer raised. This could mean two things: LG has found a way to shrink the cameras so they fit in the body, or V50 is much thicker than the V40 which would make sense since the LG V50 is housing a larger battery.
  4. As mentioned above, LG promised that a 5G phone with 4,000mAh battery will be coming at MWC. Well, guess what, the new V50 has 4,000 mAh battery but no confirmation from the Korean brand yet if this is, in fact, the 5G phone.
  5. The phone will launch on February 24. Same date as the scheduled press conference of LG in Barcelona.

Just a quick note on the 5G service and the recent issue about the fake 5G E logo Sprint is suing AT&T over, the former will emphasize its legit 5G service by placing a heavy wallpaper and a custom 5G logo in Sprint yellow on the back of the phone. The logo will feature prominently on retail units and throughout Sprint’s marketing, so better get used to it. A 5G indicator is visible in the status bar.

If the LG V50 is indeed the promised phone, then expect a Sprint 5G logo printed on the back. Evan Blass on Twitter shared a photo of the said phone with the said logo, but LG has not confirmed if his source is legit.

Overall, the upcoming LG V50 seems very conventional. We have not heard much about its media functionality especially the speakers where LG specializes. We’ve heard rumors that the brand is developing an in-display speaker, which means the sound will be coming from the back of the display screen for a more immersive experience when watching movies.

The V50, for now, more serves as a 5G phone representative. It may have some hidden perks and surprises which will be revealed on its official launch, but it may have trouble competing with other competitors, and it may come with a high price tag too.



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